Braille Monitor                 June 2022

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A Tribute to Someone Else

by Jerry Moreno

Jerry MorenoFrom the Editor: Jerry recently contributed an article in the December 2021 issue entitled “Seed to Harvest.” Here he is again with a wonderful offering in memory of our recently departed friend Joe Ruffalo. Here, as modified for Joe, is one of his favorite poems. Our thanks to Jerry for sending it to us with his loving tailoring so that it better fits our beloved Joe:

“A Tribute to Someone Else” was one of Joe Ruffalo's favorite poems. I have taken the liberty to modify it.

We were saddened to learn recently of the death of one of our most valued acquaintances, Someone Else. Someone's passing created a vacancy that will indeed be difficult to fill.

Else was with us for many years and for every one of those years did far more than a normal person's share of work. Whenever leadership was needed, this wonderful person was looked for to bring results. "Someone Else can work with that group." we all said.

Whenever there was a job to do, one name was on every list—Someone Else!

Joe RuffaloAnd it was common knowledge that Someone Else was generous toward volunteer organizations. If there was a financial need, everyone just assumed that Someone Else would make up the difference.

Were the truth known, we all expected far too much of Someone Else. Now Someone Else is gone! We wonder what we are going to do.

Someone Else left a model to follow, but we wonder—WHO is going to do all those things that Someone Else did.

That someone else was Joe Ruffalo. He would often say at times, “we are blinded by our ability to see”; “the more we try, the more we succeed.”

“Everything is impossible until you do it.”

“Keep believing. Keep dreaming. Keep learning. Let's work together. Let's make a difference!”

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