Braille Monitor               December 2023

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Karla Gilbride Confirmed to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Karla Gilbride exemplifies the best of the American ideal of progress. She has crafted her own tough, smart, and effective brand of fighting injustice without forgetting both that she has inherited benefits won by those who came before her and that there are those in our society who still do not enjoy those benefits. As impressive as her presence is in the court room, it is surpassed by her humility—her deep commitment to the fact that each victory is merely another milestone on the journey to equality not a place to settle. While we recognize her unique characteristics as being an asset to her legal work, we also must recognize that they put additional obstacles in her way because of the persistent misconceptions that exist deep in our society. What is impressive is not that she overcomes those misconceptions but that she shatters them with the power of her work and the strength of her convictions. She could have used her talents for any number of life pursuits, fortunately she has chosen to open doors of equal opportunity in society. Our nation is stronger because of her willingness to serve. On a personal note, as a blind person and a as a father of two blind girls, I am grateful for the example of excellence that Karla Gilbride sets for all Americans seeking the ideal of progress and a more perfect union.

Charlotte Burrows, chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, administers Karla’s oath of office. Karla’s hand rests on a Braille copy of the Constitution her mother, Janet Gilbride, is holding.

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