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A Report of the Blind Christians Group

by Tom Anderson

Tom AndersonFrom the Editor: It is unusual for us to publish the notice of one’s passing and then to run an article written by them. Tom Anderson wrote this article in response to the request that the Braille Monitor makes of all divisions, groups, and committees. Appropriate modifications due to his passing have been made:

The Blind Christians Group held its meeting on Monday, July 3, 2023, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the convention of the NFB held at the Hilton Americas Hotel in Houston, Texas. A large crowd attended this meeting.

We had a panel discussion comprised of publishers of Bibles and other Christian literature.
Craig Leeds, from Braille Bibles International spoke about the work of this organization. They produce the King James Version and the New King James Version of the Bible in Braille. They distribute cartridges of Bibles which were originally produced by Aurora Ministries. They also have a concordance in Braille.

Allen Decker from MegaVoice spoke about the work of this ministry. They produce Bibles on a solar player and also plan to offer teachings from various ministries using this device. Mr. Decker was previously employed by Aurora Ministries and served faithfully with that organization for many years.

Mike Smith and Thomas Bleemel from the International Christian Braille Mission spoke about the work of their ministry. This ministry has made a diligent effort to reach out to blind people in Liberia. It has a lending library and distributes some literature from the Church of Christ.
Riley Johnson spoke about the work of Lutheran Braille Workers. This organization produces the New International Version of the Bible, as well as the English Standard Version in softbound Braille volumes. They also produce other Christian books.

Geri Lyn Rogge from Christian Record Services for the Blind spoke about the work of this organization. It was founded by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They have produced the Christian Record magazine since 1899. They have a lending library as well.

Following these presentations, Deborah Prost spoke with us regarding the work of Messianic Jewish ministries.

Tom Anderson spoke about reaching out to all about the good news of salvation. Special Touch Ministries has an excellent book, which is available for free, regarding the subject. We also had an interactive discussion regarding goal setting. We will work to produce a document about Bibles that are available from various ministries as well as with mobile apps. Those who attended this meeting also expressed an interest in a weekly bible study conducted via phone conference.

The Blind Christians Group conducted devotions prior to the morning sessions on July 4, 5, and 6. Tom Anderson, Rev. Dr. Carolyn Peters, and Renee Akins spoke at these meetings.

The Blind Christians Group is certainly willing to work cooperatively with other faith-based groups. Those who wish to do so may contact the group's new chairperson, Linda Mentink, via email at [email protected] or via phone (402) 563-8138. When calling, please leave a message if she does not answer. She will get back to you as soon as she can.

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