Braille Monitor               February 2024

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Voting Using Android Phones/Tablets

by Curtis Chong

Curtis ChongFrom the Editor: Voting privately and independently is definitely one of our top priorities. Curtis is one of the more active members working on this issue, and he makes this request:

I am working with a company called Tusk Philanthropies on mobile voting using iOS and Android devices. Tusk Philanthropies is devoting quite a bit of resources to the development of test mobile apps for voting and ballot validation. This outfit has done a lot to involve blind people in the testing effort. Tusk Philanthropies spoke to the general session at one of our national conventions, and their team has come to in-person national conventions in recent times to run focus groups to test their work.

I am hoping to find people who are familiar with and regular users of Android who might be willing to become a part of the testing effort to ensure that the mobile voting app works well for blind/low vision Android users. I am not seeking an Android geek. Rather, I am looking for a person who understands and uses Android who can think like a nontechnical voter. If mobile voting is going to become a reality in our lives, it needs to work for everyone—not just for the technologically-gifted.

No money is to be made for this effort, I regret to say. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please write to me at [email protected]. Together we can make private and independent voting a reality for blind people.

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