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Introducing Menus4ALL: The iPhone App That Makes Restaurant Menus Accessible for Everyone

by Stephanie Jones

From the Editor: I got a note about this app as a result of a suggestion from Everette Bacon. After talking with Stephanie, it seems this is a valuable app for readers to know about. Here is her introduction to a new way to read restaurant menus and more:

Friday night is here, and I'm eager for the weekend to begin. My friends and I have plans to visit this new, popular restaurant that I've been excited to try. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to view the menu online because it was an image format that my screen reader couldn't interpret. Moreover, I doubt that the restaurant will have a Braille menu. With the expected crowd, the wait staff may not have time to read through the menu with me either. Although my friends will be kind enough to help, I'd like to access the menu independently.

This is where Menus4ALL comes in. It's a groundbreaking iPhone app that provides access to over one million restaurant menus throughout the United States and 80,000 more in Canada. It's the only app of its kind on the market, released in December 2022, and is designed to be entirely accessible from the start. Accessibility is fundamental to the app, not an afterthought. Menus4ALL is compatible with low vision customizations, refreshable Braille displays, VoiceOver, and Voice Control to help everyone access restaurant menus confidently and independently.

Menus4ALL App Tabs

Discover an extensive network of accessible restaurant menus with Menus4ALL. Begin your journey by using our fourteen-day trial, and then enjoy unlimited access to the app for just $2.99 per month. Alternatively, you may receive two months free with a $29.99 annual membership. For additional details or to book a Menus4ALL group presentation, please contact our Vice President of Marketing, Stephanie Jones, at [email protected]. Share your accessible restaurant experience with us on Facebook, Instagram, or

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