The Hunt for History

by Barbara Pierce

For some time now the National Federation of the Blind has been building the most complete collection possible on the subject of blindness. For years we have routinely gathered every book, recording, or video with any connection to blindness that we could find. Long or short, constructive or unconstructive, well done or badly done: we want a copy.

We are always happy to receive material from anyone for this collection. For example, Mrs. tenBroek recently sent us all of Dr. tenBroek's papers. Anyone interested in finding an appropriate repository for a collection of blindness-connected materials of any size should contact President Maurer to discuss whether or not the National Center for the Blind is the right facility to house them.

As part of this project, in recent months we have begun transferring our open-reel tape collection of conventions and speeches to CD's for permanent storage. In doing so, we have discovered gaps in our collection which are significant enough for us to pay $100 a reel for these specific missing materials. We are eager to find copies of the open-reel tapes that appear on the following list. Anyone possessing any of the tapes and interested in selling them should contact President Maurer personally. Anonymity is guaranteed. Dr. Maurer will confirm that the tape is one that we are looking for and make arrangements for its purchase and safe transfer. Contact Marc Maurer, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230, (410) 659-9314.

Here is the list of tapes we are looking for:

1. All of the 1953 Convention, 8 to 10 reels. 2. The presentation by Dr. Newel Perry on the education of blind children at the 1954 convention in Louisville, probably 1 reel. 3. The 1958 convention in Boston, about 10 reels.

4. The 1959 convention in Santa Fe, about 10 reels.

5. Reels 3 to 10 of the 1960 convention in Miami.