Photo of Homer Page
Homer Page

Page Sets Sights on County Treasurer
Democrats Eye Only Elected Seat in County
Government Held by a Republican

by Jason Gewirtz and Kristin Dizon

From the Editor: Homer Page is a longtime leader in the National Federation of the Blind and an experienced politician. He is about to take part in yet another election in Boulder, Colorado. The following article giving the details appeared in the June 11, 1998, Boulder Daily Camera.

Homer Page is challenging Republican incumbent Sandy Hume for Boulder County Treasurer in the November election.

Page, a Democrat, accepted the nomination Wednesday from a Boulder County Democratic Party committee targeting vacant government positions. While he has not officially announced his candidacy, Page said he expects to shortly.

"There are some serious reasons why we need to take back this seat," Page said to a crowded, clapping audience at the monthly meeting.

He said Hume has been an inconsistent treasurer who has poor relationships with the financial community, other elected officials, and county government staff.

Page, a former two-time Boulder City councilman and Boulder County commissioner, recently dropped out of the crowded primary race for the Second Congressional District seat vacated by U.S. Representative David Skaggs.

Page acknowledged that he previously had his sights set higher than the treasurer post and asked himself whether he really wanted the job when the party nominating committee came calling.

"In all honesty, six months ago I would have said no," Page said.

Now, he said, he is proud to be seeking the office.

"What I really want is to be active in this community, to be active in the political process, and to make a contribution," he said.

Democrats are keeping a close eye on the treasurer's position because it is the only elected office in county government held by a Republican.

"This is going to be a tough year," Page added. "We're going to be challenged up and down the ticket."

Democratic party member Sam Forsyth said, "We have an opportunity to elect only the second Democrat to the county treasurer's office in over sixty years."

Hume is a former county commissioner who also served eight years in the state Senate and House of Representatives. He has been treasurer since 1994, leaving his commissioner position to seek the post.

Hume, who announced his plans to run again in April, said he assumed the Democrats would submit a challenger for his position and had heard rumors of Page entering the race.

"I know Homer well, and I'm sure we'll have an interesting and honorable race," he said.