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Kua Cheng Hock

Kua Cheng Hock

From the Editor: Mr. Kua is President of the Independent Society for the Blind of Singapore and President of the Asia Blind Union. He spoke briefly at the memorial service; this is what he said:

Mrs. Jernigan, President Maurer, comrades in the march:

indeed it is my great honor and pleasure to be given this opportunity to express our fond memories of Dr. Jernigan, to express to you the influence he has had in the work of the self-help movement among the blind in Asia. I regret that the duration of my relationship with Dr. Jernigan was rather short—since 1992, but the past six years have been tremendous in the way he has guided us, and the influence he has had on the work of the organizations of the blind in Singapore and Asia will live way beyond this transitory life he has just left. What he has taught and what he has done will continue to guide the work of the blind in Asia. He gave a speech, "The Day after Civil Rights," but he knew that in Asia we have a long way to go. He kindly extended his hand to us when I called him in 1992. Without knowing me, he extended his willingness to cooperate and assist in the work of the blind. Since the World Blind Union meeting in 1992 he always opened the door of the NFB in the spirit of teaching, leadership building, and cooperation. This spirit will continue to guide us.

When my colleagues learned of Dr. Jernigan's death, they asked me if we should be represented. Dr. Jernigan was very kind in accepting me on my visit just twelve days before he passed away. That in itself speaks of the kind of heart he had for the work in Asia. I decided just two days ago to come to this memorial service to express our love and fond memories of Dr. Jernigan. My family is on vacation in Orlando, but my heart was very burdened because I wanted to be here to share with you the appreciation we have of Dr. Jernigan. I would like to thank those of you who have given me the time to express the influence he had. We in Singapore and Asia feel very much a part of the family of the Federation of the Blind.