The last of Dr. Jernigan’s convention addresses regarding the Kernel Books was presented to the 1998 Convention of the National Federation of the Blind in Dallas, Texas. It contains the material prepared for Gray Pancakes and Gold Horses and To Touch the Untouchable Dream, both books released in 1998. This is Dr. Jernigan’s address, entitled "The Continuing Saga of the Kernel Books":


by Kenneth Jernigan

During the 1990’s the Kernel Books have been at the very heart of our program of public education, and 1998 is no exception. This year, as in the past, we are publishing two new volumes. The first will be available at this convention, and the second will be released this fall.

Today, as on previous occasions, I want to give you the introductions to the two books, as well as the first article in each. As you know, I edit these books, and I also usually write the first article. So here is my Editor’s Introduction to the book that will be available to you at this convention: