Walking Alone and Marching Together



Prologue.  A Story Never Told 

Introduction.  The Dark Ages and the Dawn of Organization

Chapter One. Mobilization and Momentum: The Founding

Chapter Two. Growth, Harmony, and the Fight to Organize

Chapter Three. Civil War: Disunity and the Road to Recovery 

Chapter Four. Democracy in Transition: The Second Generation 

Chapter Five. Progress and Power: The First Jernigan Presidency 

Chapter Six. Restoration: The Beginning Years of the Second Jernigan Presidency

Chapter Seven. Culmination: The Concluding Years of the Second Jernigan Presidency 

Chapter Eight.  The Third Generation and the Maurer Presidency 

Chapter Nine. Global Vision: The Federation on the World

Chapter Ten. Sheltered Workshops and Blind Alleys

Chapter Eleven. Bankruptcy of a System: The Politics of Accreditation 

Chapter Twelve.  On the Record: The Evolution of the Braille Monitor   

Chapter Thirteen. A People's Movement: Communication, Communion, and Community

Epilogue. As the Twig is Bent: Unto the Fourth Generation 

Appendix A. Newel Perry-Teacher of Youth and Leader of Men

Appendix B. Who Are the Blind Who Lead the Blind

Appendix C.  Constitution of the National Federation of the Blind, 1940

Appendix D. Constitution of the National Federation of the Blind, 1990 

Appendix E. National Convention Sites, 1940-1990


Floyd Matson: Bio-bibliography 

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