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Sources of Canes

In many cities there are organizations which sell white canes that you may examine before you buy. The following nine organizations sell canes through mail order catalogs. When you compare the catalogs, you will find that even in this short list some of the equipment comes from common sources. Most of these organizations sell a wide variety of items besides canes, but this booklet is concerned only with canes and related equipment. Each catalog has more detail than this summary. You should neither order from this summary nor consider it an endorsement.

National Federation of the Blind
200 E Wells Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 410-659-9314
Email: independencemarket@nfb.org
Aids and Appliances Catalog

American Foundation for the Blind, Product Center
100 Enterprise Place
P.O. Box 044
Dover, DE 19903-7044
FAX: 800-676-3299
Products for People with Vision Problems
Rigid aluminum 24" to 56"
Folding aluminum 24" to 56"
Variety of replacement tips
Replacement sections for folding canes
Replacement elastic cord
Scotch-Lite replacement coating

LS&S Group, Inc.
1808-G Janke Drive
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: 800.468.4789
TTY: 800.317.8533
FAX: 847-498-1482
Website: http://www.lssgroup.com/
General Sales Email: sales@LSSonline.net
Catalog Request: catalog@LSSonline.net
Folding support 33" and 36"
Folding aluminum 32" to 60"
Rigid aluminum 36" to 60"

Rainshine Company
P.O. Box 5615
Madison, WI 53705-0615
Email: rainshine@tis.com
Rigid fiberglass 30" to 64"
Replacement tips

102-09 Jamaica Avenue
P.O. Box 26
Richmond Hills, NY 11418
FAX: 718-441-2550
Folding aluminum 34" to 60"
Telescoping adjustable aluminum 46" to 54"
Tip assembly for folding cane
Variety of replacement tips

White Cane Industries for the Blind
Route 3, Box 89A
Jenkins, MO 65605
Aluminum folding 36" to 60"
Aluminum rigid 36" to 60"
Special order variations
Return used canes for repair
Variety of replacement tips

Copyright National Federation of the Blind 1993

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