Future Reflections                                                                                         Winter/Spring 2005

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Braille Book Flea Market:

Donate your gently used but no longer needed Braille books to the 2005 Braille Book Flea Market, sponsored by the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children and the National Association to Promote the Use of Braille. Books should be in good condition. Cookbooks, Twin Vision books, and books suitable for children are needed. Begin your search through the boxes in your basement and spare room and get them ready for shipping to:
     UPS, 6716 Grade Lane, Suite 903,
     Louisville, Kentucky 40213,
     Att: Shawntay Jordan

If you have any questions, contact Peggy Chong at (515) 277 1288 or email her at <[email protected]>. Look for a Braille Book Flea Market update in the Braille Monitor very soon.

Attention Aspiring Leaders in the Education of Blind Children:

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) is serving as a public advisor to an important new initiative enhancing the doctoral studies of those interested in focusing on blindness–the National Center for Leadership in Visual Impairments (NCLVI). Recently established through a grant from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), the NCLVI's purpose is to develop a collaborative model for training leadership personnel in special education with an emphasis on blindness. The plan is to establish a national consortium of doctoral institutions.

Through this project the NCLVI will assist in increasing the numbers of doctoral graduates available for positions in one or more areas of emphasis, such as higher education teaching and research; public policy; administration at national, state, and local levels; curriculum development; and general research. The NCLVI Fellows Program will bring together doctoral students for a unique set of enrichment activities that will deepen their understanding of issues in the field and strengthen their commitment to family, consumer, and professional partnerships.

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children encourages those with a master's degree to seriously consider this creative opportunity to spark innovation and new leadership in the blindness field. Through the NCLVI, with the support of the NOPBC, the NFB, and our Jernigan Institute, we have another avenue to imagine a future full of opportunities.

Potential NCLVI Fellows must be accepted by one of the participating universities prior to applying for NCLVI Fellowship funding. The first cohort of NCLVI Fellows is slated to begin their graduate programs in September 2005, so those interested in getting into the program during the first year should act fast. Learn more about the NCLVI on the Web at <http://www.pco.edu/nclvi.htm>. For more information write to one of the NCLVI codirectors: Dr. Kathleen Mary Huebner ([email protected]) or Dr. Diane P. Wormsley ([email protected]) or call (215) 780-1360.

Participating universities include California State University; Teachers College, Columbia University; Florida State University; Northern Illinois University; Ohio State University; San Francisco State University; Texas Tech University at Lubbock; University of Arizona; University of Louisville; University of Northern Colorado; University of Pittsburgh; University of Utah; Vanderbilt University; and Western Michigan University.

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