Future Reflections                                                   Special Issue: Low Vision and Blindness 2005

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NFB Jernigan Institute Online Education Program--Training on Blindness from the Blind Themselves

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Jernigan Institute, with support from Learning House, Inc., is pleased to offer an innovative training program--the NFB Jernigan Institute Online Education Program.

The NFB Jernigan Institute Online Education Program is uniquely designed, by the blind themselves, to teach critical information about blindness and blind people. Educators, blindness professionals, family members of blind children or adults, and virtually anyone else interested in blindness related topics can benefit from courses in this innovative blindness education program. Imagine learning about the most critical topics affecting the blind and those working with the blind, today--all from the convenience of your school, home, or office.
The first series of courses in the program includes:

• Introduction to the Education of Blind Children in the Regular Classroom
• Introduction to Braille
• Introduction to Access Technology for the Blind
• Introduction to Nonvisual Web Accessibility

Take one of the NFB Jernigan Institute’s online courses and get the training you need--delivered right to your desktop. Our self-paced courses are available anytime from any computer with Internet access. Visit the National Federation of the Blind Web site often for updates and new offerings.

For more information visit: http://nfb.org/ nfbrti/onlineeducation.htm.

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