Future Reflections        Summer 2012

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Conferences, Research, and More


Braille Symposium
 National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute
200 E. Wells St., Baltimore, MD 21230
September 27-29, 2012
Contact: Natalie Shaheen, (410) 659-9314
[email protected]
The Braille Symposium will provide professionals, blind people, and other interested parties with an opportunity to learn about promising practices in Braille instruction and teacher preparation. The symposium will feature vignettes from blind people on how Braille is being used today, presentation/discussion sessions on promising practices, and sessions on problems and solutions.

Tactile Graphics Conference
National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute
200 E. Wells St., Baltimore, MD 21230
November 30-December 1, 2012
Contact: Clara Van Gerven, (410) 659-9314, ext. 2410
[email protected]
The NFB Jernigan Institute is delighted to present its first conference on tactile graphics. The conference will be a two-day, in-depth look at how tactile graphics can be made and how they enhance STEM education for blind students. Among the many topics discussed will be basic techniques for creating tactile graphics, the use of 3-D models, and what works and what doesn't work.

Fourth Multimodal Approaches to Learning International Conference
Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028-0198
October 26-28, 2012
Contact: Marie Clapot, (212) 334-8723
Organized by Art beyond Sight and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this conference will address inclusive and multisensory learning environments and strategies, particularly in relation to the arts and museums. Discussions will focus on experiences that involve sound, touch, movement, and olfactory and proprioceptive modes of learning. Since 2005 this conference has been a forum for crossdisciplinary creative thinking and the exchange of ideas. The audience includes museum staff, art educators, special education teachers, therapists, artists, architects, and universal design advocates.


National Blindness Professional Certification Board
101 S. Trenton St., Ruston, LA 71270
(318) 257-4554
[email protected]
The NBPCB has established rigorous standards for certtifying professionals who teach orientation and mobility skills using structured discovery cane travel methods and principles. Successful applicants earn the designation of National Orientation and Mobility Certificant (NOMC). This website provides information about certification and recertification. It also offers information about structured discovery travel and the consumer-based model of rehabilitation.


Survey on Education and Employment
Contact: Arielle Silverman, (602) 502-2255
A doctoral student in psychology at the University of Colorado and a past president of the National Association of Blind Students is conducting an online study to investigate the factors that relate to educational and employment success for blind and visually impaired people. The survey examines participants' experiences interacting with the sighted public, feelings about life overall, and blindness-related skills. Participants must be over age eighteen and must live in the United States.

Achievement, Conscientiousness, Self-Efficacy, and Locus of Control
The Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University are seeking participants for an online study. It is hoped that information gathered through this research will lead to positive changes in employment and educational practices. Participants are asked to complete a 59-item survey, and will have the chance to win a $50 Wal-Mart gift certificate.


Bookshare and Innovation for Education (BI4E)
Benetech, the Silicon Valley nonprofit that uses technology for social change, has won a five-year award from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, to continue its groundbreaking work ensuring that educational materials are accessible to students with print disabilities through its Bookshare initiative. The award allows Benetech to meet the challenges of the changing educational landscape by creating free open source tools for content providers and working with those providers to make educational materials accessible from the start. Benetech's innovative tools will tackle such major challenges as accessible math and graphics. Benetech intends to double its student membership from 200,000 to 400,000, grow usage by more than 150 percent, increase to more than 200,000 educational titles in its library, and expand its teacher training programs and parent outreach.


New England Blind and Visually Impaired Alpine Ski Festival Week
Sugarloaf Mountain Resort, Carrabasset Valley, ME
February 10-14, 2013
This national event is designed to create a unique social, recreational, and educational experience for skiers of all levels. Skiers will develop their abilities on all levels of terrain with their own guides or with festival volunteers.


Patricia C. Wilson
[email protected]
(410) 602-1825
A school for the blind in Liberia is in great need of materials. The school has fifty-five blind students. If you can donate any of the following items, please contact Patricia Wilson. Items needed include Braille and recorded books, portable CD players and batteries, Perkins Braillers, and Braille paper.

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