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Instruments of the Future

by Caleb Hyndman

Caleb Hyndman prepares to build a tower out of index cards at STEM2U San FranciscoFrom the Editor: Caleb Hyndman is a third-grader from Lewiston, Idaho. After he attended the STEM2U program in San Francisco, he wrote the following article about his experiences.


At the STEM program we did many fun, interesting engineering activities. First we designed a tower made of index cards and tape. It had to be strong enough to hold a toy panda bear on top. Our tower was about fourteen inches tall, and it held the panda, but it fell over when we added another layer!

I liked meeting new friends. One of them was Nicholas. He and I designed a car from recycled things like CDs. Our goal was to make the fastest and strongest car possible. We met our goal!

Caleb Hyndman learns how air affects objects at STEM2U San FranciscoOn Saturday we visited the Exploratorium, and we learned about how sound is made. My favorite part of the lesson was making a musical instrument out of recycled things like a plastic pipe with five holes in it. When I played it, it sounded like a horn.

I really liked designing and building the tower, the flying disk, the race car, and the musical instrument.

When I grow up, I want to be a musical instrument maker!


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