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Story of Ele

by Naomi Mills

Reprinted from Braille Monitor, Volume 60, Number 11, December 2017

From the Editor: Naomi Mills is a nine-year-old student who attended the BELL Academy (Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning) in northern Virginia. She created and Brailled this story herself. Naomi's mother sent this story to the Braille Monitor to share Naomi's creativity and enjoyment of the BELL Program. Her note to Nancy Yeager, who coordinated the program, follows the story. We have refrained from editing to preserve the authenticity of the piece.

Far away across the Atlantic Ocean in Africa an elephant was born. Her name was Ele. At the age of five she complained about her eyes. Her mother suggested resting for a little bit.

The next day Ele's eyes hurt even more than yesterday. Finally her mother took her to the doctor. The doctor said that Ele has to go to an eye doctor. It was a couple of hours until they got there. The eye doctor said that Ele has an eye disease that could worsen. Ele was sad. Ele's birthday is January 25 and it is January 24. So Ele's birthday is tomorrow.

It was Ele's birthday and one of her presents were glasses! Ele was so excited. She wore them everywhere. She even wore them in bed. Only her family knew that Ele was blind.

When she showed up to school all her friends were shocked. They were all confused. Even the teacher was confused. Ele didn't care though.

Description of Ele

An elephant named Ele. She is blind. She uses a guide dog that is always scared of Ele's trunk. Ele has pink ears and a pointy nose, so pointy that to people it's like a knife. Ele lives in Africa with her mother, father and her brother named Jason. Ele's favorite color is yellow. Her body is plain yellow. She has blue eyes. She loves to wear just one color.

Her hobbies are cooking with her mom, looking at her cell phone, and playing with Jason. Ele is thirty-five years old. Ele wishes she could see but the ophthalmologist said that there is no cure for her disease. But she kind of likes being blind. She can do many things that her friends can't do, like learn Braille and other stuff. Ele is so happy that she's a part of this world.

The End

Miss Nancy,

I typed it the way Naomi read it. I did not add punctuation, nor change verb agreements. I really like this story. It reminds me of Naomi.

She loved BELL this year, and two years ago. We would love it if Arlington can do one next year, too! We would go!!!

Thank you, Nancy. You are a sweet blessing!

Kathie Mills

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