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The American Action Fund Needs Your Help

"Sometimes I noticed that my student was not being included or challenged. Now that we get the books in Braille, she reads them out loud to me and her classmates, which has greatly improved her confidence. In addition, the Free Braille Books program provides me with a way to engage her about things I know we both understand. It has allowed me to piggyback off of her reading material to find her new assignments. The books go home with her, and she and her mother read them together. This program has been a lifesaver. It has helped my student learn new skills and made me a better teacher."

For one hundred years the American Action Fund has brought Braille to thousands of blind children and adults. The Action Fund ships free books each month to any blind or deaf-blind child who wants them. The American Action Fund provides Future Reflections and supports tactile art initiatives.

Now we humbly ask for your help. Please support the American Action Fund by making a contribution. If you enjoy receiving Future Reflections, free Braille books, or both, please help us continue to support Braille, tactile art, and so much more.

To donate online visit https://actionfund.org. If you prefer to pay by mail, send a check made out to "American Action Fund." Mail checks to American Action Fund, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.

Your gift truly will make a difference. Please help with an end-of-year tax-deductible gift so the American Action Fund can continue to provide Braille books to children, publish Future Reflections for parents and teachers, and more.

Often the simplest and most significant way to make a charitable donation is to plan to give a legacy gift. It is easier than you might think. You can plan to give all or part of a bank account, insurance proceeds, investment assets, real estate, or a retirement account. You can even give a required minimum distribution from your IRA directly to charity and avoid taxes on that money. After taking care of your loved ones, you can bequeath a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to an organization whose mission is important to you. Your bequest carries with it the values and ideals that have been important to you throughout your lifetime and supports an organization whose mission you hold dear.

Planning for a legacy gift may reduce the total amount of your taxable estate, which can have a positive impact on any amounts you have designated for your heirs.

The American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults Legacy Society honors and recognizes the generosity and the vision of special friends of the Action Fund who have chosen to leave a legacy through a will or other planned giving option. If you wish to give part or all of an account, simply fill out a P.O.D. (payable on death) or T.O.D. (transfer on death) form. For pensions and insurance assets, simply designate a charity as a beneficiary.

If you would like to leave a legacy to the Action Fund in your will, simply include the following language:
"I give, devise, and bequeath unto the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults, 1800 Johnson Street, Suite 100, Baltimore, Maryland 21230, a Maryland nonprofit corporation, the sum of $______________ (or) _________ percent of my net estate" or "the following stocks and bonds: ____________________, to be used for its worthy purposes on behalf of blind persons."

If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to Patti Chang at 410-659-9315. If you have included the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults in your will, or if you have made some other provision for a future gift to us and would like to tell us about it, please contact Patti so we can recognize you as a member of our Legacy Society.

Legacy gifts provide opportunities for generations of blind children and adults. Please consider the American Action Fund in your future plans. 

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