Past Career Experiences: Enhancers to or Detractors from the Adjustment to Blindness

By Justin M. H. Salisbury, MA, NOMC, NCRTB, NCUEB

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Salisbury, J.M.H. (2020). Influence of past work experiences on the adjustment to blindness. Journal of Blindness Innovation & Research, 9(2). Retrieved from doi:


The keystone of the blindness rehabilitation process is the emotional adjustment to blindness. Such an adjustment involves building confidence and self-efficacy, comfort with one’s identity as a blind person, feelings of first-class status in society, and an overall willingness to greet the world with pride. Students bring with them to training a culmination of life experiences, including previous employment experiences. This article tells stories of a handful of students, whose previous employment experiences had varied impacts on their emotional adjustment to blindness.


Blindness, structured discovery, emotional adjustment, rehabilitation, training

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