From the President

By Shawn Mayo

Greetings! This time of year, all of us as students have many things going on: finals, the holidays, and the travails and triumphs of a new semester keep life interesting. Wherever you receive this Fall/Winter 1998 issue of the Student Slate, I hope that it finds you healthy, happy, and looking forward to what the new year has to offer.

Of late, NABS has been active in many projects. One of our primary goals is to continue building and strengthening the student division. Towards this end, a membership committee has been established to facilitate interaction among the national, state, and local levels. Committee members are undertaking an extensive telephone campaign to contact personally as many of our members as possible and to discuss all sorts of issues, ranging from new developments in NABS to specific strategies for competing as blind students. Our correspondence lists are perpetually being updated.=20 So, if you are not contacted by a committee member and would like to share thoughts and ideas, please get in touch with me and I will see that you are placed on the membership committee's contact list.

As a public forum for the exploration of ideas, we also have enhanced the student list-serve, NABS-L, to discuss issues of relevance to blind students in every major. On NABS-L we can ask questions, offer suggestions, and share experiences. There will also be occasional posts concerning issues of major importance to the blind as well as announcements concerning activities of the National Association of Blind Students and The National Federation of the Blind.

To subscribe to the NABS listserv, send a message to [email protected]. Leave the subject line blank. In the body, type subscribe nabs-l. If you would like to receive messages in digest form, where all the posts from the last 24 hours come as a single message, type subscribe nabs-d in the subject line.

We have a big event coming up. Saturday, January 30 will mark the tenth anniversary of the NABS Student Seminar, held in conjunction with the Federation's Washington Seminar. Start making your plans now to join the celebration. The agenda will provide opportunities, not only to hear thought-provoking presentations, but also to interact with your fellow blind students. There are sure to be some new topics presented in an innovative way. The day's events will culminate in an evening banquet, with a key-note address delivered by our national president, Dr. Marc Maurer, that you simply won't want to miss. Be sure to arrive at the Student Seminar in time to mingle with other blind students and Federation leaders at the student party, held on Friday evening from 8:00 p.m. until we get closed down!

Finally, let me say just a few words regarding Dr. Jernigan. As you all undoubtedly are aware, Dr. Jernigan died on October 12. The scope of his achievements and the power of his example almost defy description. Two of the most important lessons he taught us, however, are to engage our world and to give back to other blind people so that we may all grow and become better together. Let us as students take these lessons and build of them a legacy of which Dr. Jernigan would be proud.

Until we see each other at the Washington Seminar, best wishes in all of your travels and endeavors. If you have any thoughts or questions relating to NABS in particular, or to living the life of a blind student in general, please contact me, Shawn Mayo, via phone or email. In the meantime, here is the Fall/Winter 1998 issue of The Student Slate. Enjoy!

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