Annette Gordon
Lost Her Vision
But Gained Confidence


Voice of the Diabetic

Vol. 22, No. 3                                                                           Summer Edition 2007

Annette Gordon, who went blind from diabetic retinopathy, was afraid to leave the house. Now she teaches others how to cope with being blind.

Voice of the Diabetic

Eileen Rivera Ley
Director of Publishing

Elizabeth Lunt

Suzanne Shaffer
Art Director

Ed Bryant
Editor Emeritus

Gail Brashers-Krug
Director, Special Projects

Ann S. Williams
Contributing Editor

Tom Rivera Ley
Technology Editor

Voice of the Diabetic is the only national publication that focuses on making life with diabetic complications less complicated. Published quarterly by the NFB Diabetes Action Network (DAN), Voice of the Diabetic has a circulation of 320,000 copies. Since 1985, diabetic consumers, families and health care providers have been returning to the Voice for insight and inspiration. Voice of the Diabetic is available in print, four-track audio cassette, e-mail and on the Web at

Our Mission: The NFB Diabetes Action Network educates, empowers, and inspires people living with diabetes and its complications. We share the Federation’s “can-do” philosophy through Voice of the Diabetic magazine, volunteer peer support, and advocacy for accessible diabetes technology. Together, we challenge one another to live our best and fullest lives.

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Note: The information and advice contained in Voice of the Diabetic are for educational purposes and are not intended to take the place of personal instruction provided by your physician or by your health care team. Discuss any changes in your treatment with the appropriate health professionals.

Copyright 2007 Diabetes Action Network, National Federation of the Blind. ISSN 1041-8490




Annette Gordon Loses Vision but Gains Confidence
by Elizabeth Lunt

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The Give and Take of Effective Communication
by Ann S. Williams

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Pumper’s Voice: A Pumping Primer
by Gary Scheiner

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Letters: Health Care Professionals Sing our Praises!

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Confusion and Panic Surround Avandia News

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If Blindness Comes

Winning Strategies for Tracking Medicine
When Vision is Failing

by Eileen Rivera Ley

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New, Inexpensive Treatment for Retinopathy and
Macular Degeneration May be on the Horizon

by Gail Brashers-Krug

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FDA Rejects Promising Diabetic Retinopathy Drug
by Gail Brashers-Krug

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Coping with Vision Loss? NFB—Linking Individuals to a Network of Knowledge

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Help Create Exciting Web Resource Where Do Blind Diabetics Work?

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NFB Participates in Campaign to Raise Awareness of Diabetic Complications

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Free and Discounted Medication
by Karen Wrightson

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Take Care of Your Teeth

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Healthy Home Cooking Summer Favorites
by Healthy Exchanges

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Book Nook

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Resource Roundup

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Get Moving: Exercise With Complications
by Dino Paul Pierce

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Voice of the Diabetic Subscription Form

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Posted: June 2007