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At best, diabetes can be unpleasant and inconvenient. Taking good care of yourself, "good diabetes self-management," is not a lot of fun. We all know of people who ignored their self-care "because they didn't feel bad," only seeing the error of their ways when the permanent damage they were doing to themselves with those high sugars reared up and bit them.

But for all those folks, there are as many others "waiting for a cure." Now we'd all like a cure for diabetes; but, while you're in the lifeboat, waiting to be picked up, are you rowing and bailing, or are you just enduring, waiting for medical research to deliver you from your tribulations?

If you're just waiting, you're doing yourself damage.

A cure for diabetes, in some form, is going to happen. But, we can't say quite when, and those diabetics who will be in the best shape to benefit when it arrives will be the ones who've done the most to minimize its complications. They will be the ones who ate wisely and sparingly, tested their blood often, and took their medications on time.

Will you be one of them?