Dream Big: Give $25 Drive

Contribute 25 dollars or more between May 16 - July 6 and you will be entered into a drawing to win high-value prizes.

Each year, thousands of Federation members and friends contribute before and during National Convention to various funds that support blind people. We still need your generosity to fund our great programs in 2024 and beyond. When you give 25 dollars or more between May 16 and July 6, 5:00 p.m. eastern time, you will be entered into the Dream Big: Give $25 Drive Drawing. Each 25 dollar increment is a chance to win. Why “Dream Big?” We know there are no limits to what blind people can accomplish and together we'll make our dreams a reality.Dream Big in bold text the displays blind people within the bubble letters. Contribute to the Give $25 Drive for a chance to win a Monarch! A Monarch is displayed with tactile graphics and person using the side controls. NFB logo

When you contribute to the Dream Big: Give $25 Drive, you’ll be entered to win:

  • Round-trip transportation for two for the 2025 NFB National Convention
  • Hotel at the convention
  • Registration and banquet tickets for two
  • $1,000 in walking-around cash
  • OR...$2,000 CASH!

Dream Bigger, Get More

This year, thanks to the collaboration among HumanWare, the American Printing House, and the National Federation of the Blind, you may also be entered to win a Monarch Dynamic Tactile Device! With each entry, just indicate that you’d like to also be entered into the Monarch drawing by either checking the box on the Give $25 Drive online form, mentioning it on the phone, or including a note with your check.

More Chances to Win!

Each $25 donation is a chance to win. Your name will be placed in the drawing for each increment of 25 you give. Give 100 and you will be entered into the drawing four times. 

New this year: Donations in honor of you! Maybe you want to help the Federation but are not in a position to give. Or you just want more chances to win. Do you have friends or family that want to contribute and give you a chance to win the prize? If they place your name and phone number or email into the field on our Give $25 Drive form, you will be placed into the drawing an additional time for each 25 they give.

This drawing will be to support the following funds:

  • White Cane Fund: These dollars go directly to the general treasury of the Federation.
  • Kenneth Jernigan Fund: The proceeds from this fund are designated by the board for special projects such as getting first-timers to our national convention. It is named in honor of our former president and longtime leader who planned our conventions for more than forty years. 
  • SUN Fund: These funds are being set aside in the event that they are needed to support the Federation during difficult times.
  • tenBroek Fund: These dollars go to the tenBroek Memorial Fund which owns the property at 200 East Wells at Jernigan Place in Baltimore for the benefit of blind people.

How to Contribute and Qualify

You must specify a fund in order to be entered into the drawing. You can do this by using our Give $25 online donation form or in the memo if giving by check. Choose one of the following funds: Kenneth Jernigan Fund, SUN Fund, White Cane Fund, or the tenBroek Fund. Your donation will be counted for the drawing regardless of which fund you designate.

  • Give online.
  • Give via phone by calling our donation line at 410-659-9314, extension 2430.
  • Send a check to National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute, 200 East Wells Street Baltimore, MD 21230. Be sure to have "Give 25" and the fund you are giving to in the memo.

Note: The drawing is for individuals and is not intended for contributions by divisions, state affiliates, or chapters.

The winner of the drawing will be announced live on July 8, 2024 at the convention banquet.

Help us share the Federation with others. Thank you for your generosity.

Dream Big. Inside the letters are images of a smiling blind woman listening to her phone; a man giving an O&M lesson to a teen girl; a young boy smiling widely with his arms outstretched in a cheer; a blind mother with her toddler son in the garden; and two adult women smiling and laughing together.