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Building the Movement 

We are preparing to celebrate the 85th anniversary in 2025 of the transformative membership and advocacy organization of blind people. The next frontier is to change the nature of the broader public perception of blindness. America has no cultural institution that centers the experience of blind individuals of diverse backgrounds and celebrates how those people worked together to lift each other up through centuries of misconceptions. It is no accident that the blind have made progress in society; it has come through the sacrifice, struggle, and generosity of blind people who have worked together to build their own independence. 

Ronza Othman, Marguerite Woods, Qualik Ford, and Ellana Crew, four diverse blind people, smile and stand with their long white canes outside on a sunny day in front of the Jernigan Institute.It is time for us to tell our story in order to dramatically enhance the public understanding of blind people and our contributions within society. Low expectations about the capacity of blind people persist because our stories are not understood. Through our individual stories we will share our collective history and educate greater numbers of people about the techniques we use to live full lives. By demystifying our independence today, we will shape tomorrow’s understanding of what is possible. The National Federation of the Blind is planning to create and operate a museum to showcase: 

  • Stories and oral histories of the blind that demonstrate over a century of progress. 
  • Objects and artifacts central to the experience of blind people within the United States and beyond. 
  • Interactive exhibits which share the real problems of blindness. 
  • Programs to raise awareness of the artificial barriers throughout society that have held blind people back. 
  • Opportunities for the public to make a difference in the movement for equality that is led by blind people. 
  • Innovative presentation models to demonstrate a new standard for inclusive design for all other museums in the world. 

About the Museum 

Now is the time for us to pursue the Museum of the Blind People’s Movement. The museum welcomes and challenges us to critically consider the role of the blind in all facets of society throughout time. The museum will be: 

  • Based in our Baltimore headquarters with virtual components. 
  • Designed for some exhibits to travel and serve as a national and global resource. 
  • Built with a responsible approach to collecting and exhibiting the authentic stories, tangible artifacts, and perspectives that normalize blindness. 
  • A place to showcase exhibits exploring the blind people’s movement and our impact on civil rights, accessibility, technology, Braille, travel tools, and more. 
  • Informed and shaped by the past but designed to impact the future by raising expectations and demonstrating the capacity of every day blind people. 
  • A venue to celebrate contributions to the movement and society.  
  • An example and showcase of the best inclusivity practices for cultural institutions. 

Our Mission and Goal 

Outside of the NFB National Center, a brick building with glass windows.The museum will provide the visitor with the opportunity to explore the advancements, struggles, and successes of blind people as individuals and as a movement. It will facilitate understanding of the past, stimulate awareness of the present, and encourage respect, determination, action, and equity for the future. 

Fellow museums and other cultural organizations will look to the Museum of the Blind People’s movement for best practices around inclusive design and accessibility. We will serve as the model for how to welcome the widest possible audience. 

Ways to Give to the Campaign

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We have a goal of raising $20 million to build and operate the Museum of the Blind People’s Movement. Please give generously to make this dream a reality. 

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