Santa and Winter Celebration Letters

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The National Federation of the Blind works to get more Braille into the hands of blind and low-vision children. We are excited to provide Braille letters and activities to celebrate the holiday and winter season in December. Each letter is part of a fun celebration packet of activities. The celebration packet is accompanied by a print copy for the whole family to participate.

Request Your Child's Santa or Winter-Themed Letter Today

The deadline to request a Santa or winter-themed letter for your child is December 15, 2023. You can request a letter by completing the Santa/Winter Celebration Letter Form. 

Santa Letters

Every December, the National Federation of the Blind helps Santa send letters in Braille to young blind children across the country. 

A little girl is sitting in Santa Claus' lap eating a candy cane. A elf is standing nearby smiling brightly.

It makes my son feel included and special.  He loves the recipes and being able to read the letter on his own.

Our children love getting letters from Santa in braille!  Thank you for this very thoughtful program.  Role models and societal approval matter so much to a little kid wanting to fit in.  Thank you!

How did it start? Well, more than ten years ago, Santa asked us to be his honorary elves. Ever since, we've been helping him send letters in contracted Braille to blind children who are ten years old and younger in the United States. Along with the Braille letter, Santa includes a print letter so that those who might not read Braille can follow along. He also includes other fun holiday activities.

Message from Santa

Message from Santa Transcript

Audio Description: A man in a red and white Santa suit with Jingle Bells in hand stands in front of a large green holiday wreath.

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, this is Santa here coming you live from the North Pole. I'm getting prepared, getting ready for Christmas. Braille is very important because it keeps all children on every level connected. Ho, ho, ho Reading is so much fun. I hope that lots of children have Braille books on their lists. And when you send me your list I'll send you a braille letter in return. Ho, ho, ho. this is a special message to everyone out there. I hope you have a great winter season ho, ho, ho. [Music]

Winter Celebration Letters

My student (7 yrs.) loves receiving these letters and this past holiday he was able to read his own letter (grade 2). He was so excited! 

Three children are ice skating on a snowy frozen over lake.

We are excited to also offer winter-themed Braille letters so that parents of children ages ten years or younger can select the option that best fits their family. Along with the Braille letter, the celebration packet includes a print letter so that those who might not read Braille can follow along. English and Spanish available.   

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