Meet the Blind Month

The National Federation of the Blind celebrates Meet the Blind Month every October.

Throughout the month, we spread the message that blind people can live the lives we want by conducting a variety of outreach activities. Many of these activities center on White Cane Awareness Day, which is October 15.

These activities also create opportunities for people to meet blind people in their communities, and to recognize that we are vital, contributing members of society.

Here are some other helpful tips about meeting a blind person: Courtesy Rules of Blindness.

How to Celebrate Meet the Blind Month

  • Help plan an event in your local community for Meet the Blind Month. Be sure to let your Federation family know about your efforts. You can order a variety of materials through the Independence Market
  • Join us at a Meet the Blind Month event. 
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and help share information about blind people in your community.

Past Meet the Blind Month Activities