In this second bonus episode of the Nation’s Blind Podcast, Melissa Riccobono interviews Serena Harris, a first grade teacher at Patterson Park Public Charter School in Baltimore. Serena has had a blind student in her class for the first time this year. Serena shares her views on what it’s really like to teach a blind student—what she has found easier than expected, what things are still somewhat difficult, and, most of all, how having a blind student in the classroom has benefitted and enriched the entire class of students.

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These resources may be useful for teachers who are working with blind students:

The Blind Child in the Regular Pre School Program

The Blind Child in the Regular Elementary Classroom

Future Reflections: a magazine for parents and teachers of blind students


If you have a student who is learning both braille and print, Integrating Print and Braille: A Recipe for Literacy may be a useful book.

The NFB Independence Market sells products that can be used in the classroom and on the playground

Tools for making science accessible to blind students can be found at

Learn more about teaching blind students.

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children can connect you with families of blind children and provide tons of additional resources.