Show Notes: in this episode of the Nation’s Blind Podcast, hosts Anil Lewis and Chris Danielsen quickly recap the NFB Washington Seminar. Anil introduces Melissa Riccobono, our new co-host of the program to begin the discussion of the power of the Federation. In Talking About our Federation, Anil interviews Michael Ausburn about the NFB Summer Internship Program and discusses how his active participation in the NFB has led to a loving relationship. In the News, Melisa and Chris discuss our Washington Seminar, our National Scholarship program, and our Dr. Jacob Bolotin awards. In the Presidential Privilege, Anil interviews President Riccobono about how he was able to successfully recruit a new member of the NFB, and the interesting eventual outcome.


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Washington Seminar Recap:


NFB 2017 Scholarship Program:


The 2017 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award Program:


NFB 2017 Summer Internship program:


National Federation of the Blind Banquet Speeches:


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