Episode title: Episode 14 – Knowledge is Power

Show notes: In April, we focus on access technology and its application to educational settings. We start off with Anil and Melissa addressing the basics – why is accessible technology important and how can it help students excel? For April Fool’s Day, we also asked the question, “What would it be like if sighted students had the experiences that blind students have in higher education?” In Talking About Our Federation, Anil speaks with Clara van Gerven about CSUN and our EPUB and eBook Accessibility event. A lot happened in March and early April, so Chris has a lot of news for you in In the News, including exciting announcements about AIM HIGH, ATAA, and Do You Dream in Color? Finally, Melissa interviews President Riccobono about the National Federation of the Blind’s commitment to ensuring equal access to education for blind students.


April Fool’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCcbtijv8fE&t=2s

ATAA: https://nfb.org/access-technology-affordability-act

AIM HIGH: https://nfb.org/aim_high

Lyft press release: https://nfb.org/lyft-and-national-federation-blind-announce-comprehensive-accessibility-improvements-lyft-riders-who

Do You Dream in Color?: http://www.doyoudreamincolor.com/

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