National Federation of the Blind NFB-NEWSLINE®

Boys accessing NFB-NEWSLINE using an iPadAccess to newspapers, magazines, weather alerts, job listings, TV listings and retail ads on the phone, on the web, and on the go! 

Over 400 Newspapers and Magazines:

National, international, breaking news, plus local community channels.

Call (866) 504-7300 or visit


  • Anyone who cannot read conventional newsprint can qualify for this free service.
  • Blind individuals can now gain access to the information in newspapers and TV at the same time as their sighted friends and family.  Raise your expectations.
  • Blind professionals can now converse on relevant topics critical to their work.  Removing obstacles to your goals.
  • Many seniors find that reading the daily newspapers is no longer possible. Now they can once again to participate actively in community affairs.  Blindness is not what holds you back.
  • Blind children are now able to research their own school assignments and do homework independently.  Blindness is not what defines your future.
  • Anyone with a physical disability who is unable to turn a page can qualify for NFB-NEWSLINE®. Live the life you want.

Scott White Accessing NFB-NEWSLINE via telephone

NFB-NEWSLINE® is FREE—information and materials are available in Braille and audio formats.  If you are already a patron of the NLS Talking Book Library, you are eligible for NFB-NEWSLINE®.  Call your local library and ask them to sign you up!

NFB-NEWSLINE® Provides you the News...and so much more:

Anil Lewis accessing NFB-NEWSLINE using an iPhone and a bluetooth earpieceEMERGENCY WEATHER ALERTS and SEVEN-DAY FORECASTS

NFB-NEWSLINE offers both seven-day weather forecasts as well as emergency weather alerts.  These weather alerts are localized to your zip code, or using your GPS for the NFB-NEWSLINE® iOS Mobile App. 


NFB-NEWSLINE® provides job listings from a national job source offering over 100,000 listings. Profiles are customizable. 


NFB-NEWSLINE offers TV listings customized to your home zip code and your television provider using the telephone access method. 


NFB-NEWSLINE® provides retail ads for national retailers, customizable by zip code.


NFB-NEWSLINE over the Phone 

  • If you can dial the phone, you can use NFB-NEWSLINE®
  • Unparalleled access:  create your own Favorites list, skip articles or sections, repeat items you wish to re-read, read just one article or the entire paper. 
  • Alter the reading voice: change the volume, speed or pitch

iOS Mobile App for iPhone, iPod and iPad

  • Download the free NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile App, log in and read all the news and information right on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • Easy navigation, even for those new to technology
  • Emergency Weather Alerts linked to your GPS – stay safe and informed wherever you are
  • Global Search function allows you to find articles on specific topics

Web News on Demand Offers

  •  secure, text-only webGabe Cazares accessing NFB-NEWSLINE using the secure website on his computersite that is screen-reader friendly
  • Email a full publication, a section, or single article to your inbox

NFB-NEWSLINE® onDemand Email

  • NFB-NEWSLINE® offers your news and information emailed to your inbox.
  • Provide us with an email address, choose your favorites, set your emails to once daily, or updates throughout the day

NFB-NEWSLINE® for Portable Players

  • Download desired publications directly to digital talking-book players
  • Works with many popular devices, including Victor Reader Stream 2nd Generation


Photo of Amy Mason with Victor Reader Stream outdoors on a park bench“You’ve got all the newspapers and magazines that I would ever want to read!” 

— Judge David Tatel, Virginia

“It’s a wonderful service. I am delighted to be back in touch with the world.” — Ethel Kurland, 91-year-old woman, Idaho

 “I am a college student, and trying to hunt down people who might read for me on the spur of the moment, is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.  NFB-NEWSLINE® is helping me be thought of as ‘one of the guys’ instead of ‘that blind guy who’s always asking about reading something for him.” — Andrew Lomas, Georgia

“It’s practical; it’s easy; it’s reliable. If you can use a telephone you can use NFB-NEWSLINE®.” — Patrick Leahy, District of Columbia

“Keeping up with weather reports; keeping up with the sports; keeping up with the world and yeah, keeping up with sighted people - It’s great.” — Mark Reese, Pennsylvania

How can I sign up?

Visit our website ( or call the National Federation of the Blind at (866) 504-7300.  

NFB-NEWSLINE® is a service of the National Federation of the Blind