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Programs and Events

  • NFB National Convention
    • Annual NOPBC Seminar: Every year since it was established in 1983, the NOPBC has conducted an annual seminar for parents and teachers of blind children in conjunction with the National Convention of the NFB.  The program has grown to include numberous activities for all family members (including sighted siblings) over a five day period at the convention.
    • Annual NOPBC Meeting: The highlight of the annual program is a keynote address from the yearly winner of the Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award.  Reports of accomplishments, elections, and presentations from blind youth round out the program.  View the latest available Keynote Address.
    • NOPBC Annual Seminar: For a schedule of events and registration information for the this year's NOPBC Seminar, visit the NOPBC Conference page. There is a discount if you pre-register--see registration forms for details.  Click here for Child Care Information.
  • Books and Literature: See Resources and Future Reflections, the NFB magazine for parents and teachers of blind children.
  • Braille Book Fair: An annual event at the NFB Convention, the NOPBC flea market is a collaborative effort with local UPS volunteers and the National Association to Promote the Use of Braille.  This unique opportunity allows you to browse through over 200 boxes of Braille books for free (donations accepted).   If you would like to donate books or volunteer to help with the Braille Book Fair, contact
  • Braille Pen Pal Program: Slate Pals is a free pen-pal program for children aged 6-18 from around the world.  Slate Pals enables children who are blind to correspond with one another in Braille.  It also finds blind pen pals for sighted children who are interested in learning the Braille code.
  • Braille Readers Are Leaders: This literacy program sponsored by NOPBC and the National Association to Promote the Use of Braille (NAPUB) includes a Braille contest for blind children grades K-12, special recognition to schools for the blind that promote Braille literacy, and Community Service Awards for blind students who use their Braille skills to give back to others.
  • Educational Advocacy:  NOPBC advocates at the federal and state levels for better legislation and regulations for the education of blind and visually impaired children. Through letter campaigns, representation on federal and state committees and task forces, and many other activities, the NOPBC is a vital, strong voice for parents nationwide. For more information about how you can participate in legislative advocacy within your state, contact your local NOPBC parent contact leader or your NFB state president. 
  • Education Programs: The NOPBC works collaboratively with the NFB Jernigan Institute as the institute establishes exciting summer programs for blind youth, develops new resources and opportunities in math and science for blind youth, offers online courses for teachers and parents, and much more. The NOPBC encourages parents and teachers to take advantage of the many programs and opportunities offered through the NFB Jernigan Institute Education Programs.
  • IEP Information and Advocacy: Through literature, phone consultations, and local blind members who volunteer as advocates, the NOPBC is an unbiased source of information and support for parents who need help and advice about IEPs and educational services for blind children. See your local contact.
  • Leadership Training:  In partnership with the NFB, the NOPBC recruits potential parent leaders and offers them leadership training and ongoing mentoring. Opportunities have included scholarships to attend the NFB convention, weekend retreats at a camp in South Carolina, and workshops with hands-on legislative training in Washington D.C. For more information about leadership training opportunities, contact the NOPBC President at
  • Mentors and Role Models: Through partnership with the NFB and collaboration with programs of the NFB Jernigan Institute, the NOPBC helps connect blind youth and their families with blind individuals who often become invaluable role models and mentors. For information about the NFB online mentorship program, go to
  • Support Networks: NOPBC helps parents share information and receive encouragement and support through informal networks. To find the right network for you, join a Listserv or see Contact Us for a list of contact individuals.