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Fill out our brief form to create your personal fundraising page, or contact Ilana Posner at for more information.

Create a Donation Keyword/Team Name

You will tell your friends, fans and followers to text your keyword to 71777 to make a debit or credit card donation to your campaign.

Keyword/Team Name Example: your first name
NOTE: Your keyword must be between one and eight characters, easy to remember, hard to misspell, and not case sensitive.
Your friends will receive a link to a page similar to the image below where they can donate and share the campaign with their own personal networks via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

Image of a mobile phone with personal fundraising page on the screen

1. Fundraising Goal

How much do you hope to raise?

2. Seed Image

A 200 x 200 pixel picture of yourself (file type .pngpreferred or .jpg)


3. Personal "Call to Action" 
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