2018 Winners

The 2018 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards, announced July 8, 2018, recognize individuals and organizations that are a positive force in the lives of blind people and whose work is advancing the ultimate goal of helping transform our dreams into reality.

The recipients represent the innovation, determination, and values of Dr. Jacob Bolotin who fought ignorance and prejudice to become the world’s first physician who was blind from birth.

More information about each recipient is coming soon.

Be My Eyes

  • Developers of Be My Eyes app
  • $25,000 award recipient

Be My Eyes is a free mobile app that connects blind and low-vision users with sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a live video call. 

Peggy Chong

  • Creator of theblindhistorylady.com
  • $5,000 award recipient

For more than two decades, Peggy Chong has documented empowering stories about blind people on her website, theblindhistorylady.com.

Carol Begay Green

  • Creator of the Navajo Braille code
  • $5,000 award recipient

Carol Begay Green has developed a Navajo Braille code and a plan to teach that code across the entire Navajo Nation.

iBUG Today, Inc.

  • Leaders in technology training
  • $5,000 award recipient

iBUG Today, Inc. is a nonprofit that promotes independence, social integration, and educational development of the blind community through accessible technology training and services. 

Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired of San Francisco

  • Innovators in tactile maps
  • $5,000 award recipient

Tactile Maps Automated Production (or TMAP) at the Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired of San Francisco creates consumer-grade, on-demand tactile maps that give blind people information and self-confidence to travel independently.

Ski for Light

  • Leaders in accessible fitness
  • $5,000 award recipient

Ski for Light connects the blind and sighted communities in the joy of cross country skiing.

Sponsored by the Alfred & Rosalind Perlman Trust. Presented by the National Federation of the Blind.