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Dr. Maurer wearing a Dr. Seuss hat and reading a braille book

Did you know March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday? In 1998 the National Education Association began celebrating Read Across America Day as one more way to motivate youth to read! This year, because Dr. Seuss’s birthday falls on the weekend, Read Across America Day will be celebrated on Monday, March 3, in schools and libraries across the country. As in years past, the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) will be joining in this celebration of literacy for all children—focusing particularly on the importance of Braille literacy. Read Across America asks everyone across the country to celebrate reading and Dr. Seuss on March 3. The NFB is asking you to celebrate with us and spread the good news about Braille! Join us on March 3 to extol the significance of literacy, especially Braille literacy, by doing the following:

  1. READ Dr. Seuss! This is what this day is all about. You can find Dr. Seuss books in Braille online to download at Bookshare or from NLS, and you can find hardcopy Braille books at Seedlings, National Braille Press, and Beulah Reimer Legacy.
  2. Volunteer to read to children in your area. Most schools and libraries love to have guest readers for their children, especially on Read Across America Day. By reading to the children in your community, not only do you get to share your love of reading, you can also expose them to the Braille code!
  3. Work with members of your local NFB affiliate to have an event for the young Braille readers in your area. You could have a Braille-a-thon where you play Braille- and Seuss-related games, read books, and share your love of reading!
  4. Tell us about what you are reading! Whether you are reading Dr. Seuss or not, we still want to hear about it. Post about it on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #Braille and #NEAReads (the official Read Across America hashtag). You can talk about what you are reading, suggest books, ask for suggestions, post pictures of you reading to the children in your community, post about why you love Braille and why it is important or about anything else. We want to hear from you!
  5. Send in pictures of you or your child reading a Braille book near landmarks or other identifiable places. We want to show the world that blind people read Braille across America by showcasing pictures of Braille readers in the desert, on a beach, at Disney World, at the Grand Canyon, and the like. Chosen pictures will be posted on, on the NFB’s Facebook page, and tweeted by @NFB_Voice.
  6. Send us a video of your child reading Braille or showcasing how you will celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. A selection of the submitted videos will be posted on Facebook, the NFB’s YouTube channel, and tweeted by @NFB_Voice. Josey and Angel (one Braille reader and one print reader) submitted a great video for a past Read Across America Day! Have fun, get creative, and show the world why Braille rocks!
  7. Follow @NFB_Voice on Twitter and friend the NFB on Facebook to learn how you can win a free Braille copy of a Dr. Seuss book!

Braille Book Giveaway Winners!

We are pleased to announce the following winners of the Read Across America 2014 Braille Book Giveaway!

  • Jack B., CA
  • Audrey H., CA
  • Jamie A., SC
  • Barb H., IN
  • Nancy C., NB
  • Harriet G., PA
  • Becky M., NB
  • Andrew G., PA
  • Aiko G, NJ
  • Arianna B., NM
  • Amelia L., WA
  • Denise S., CA
  • Sophia S., NH
  • Bella L., FL
  • Anna W., PA
  • Alex B., OR
  • Josh K., WA
  • Emily H., FL
  • Sara S., FL
  • Laura H., CA

Read Across America Day Resources for Parents and Teachers

Read 10 Facts About Dr. Seuss Books (brf)

Read Across America Classroom Activity Guide 

Videos Submitted by Braille Readers Across America

A young boy reads Braille with the Space needle in the background

Follow the links below to view the videos on YouTube.

Adhithi from New Jersey

Michelle from Pennsylvania 

Sandy H from Virginia

Sandy S from Idaho

Bre from Texas

Jennifer from Minnesota

Mary from Louisiana

Matt from Louisiana

Tarik from Louisiana

Lindsay from Louisiana

Kiona from Louisiana

Melissa from Maryland

Kayla and Thomas from Georgia

Christopher and Geneva from Georgia

Dale, Gale, and Their Braille Tale

Below is a Seuss-style poem about Braille—a spin-off of the classic Green Eggs and Ham. Write your own Seuss-style poem about Braille and send it to us for Read Across America!

I am Dale and I read Braille.
I am Gale. What is Braille?

Braille is dots, lots and lots.
Each dot has its special spot.

Why read Braille? inquires Gale.
I’d rather climb a mountain trail.

Dale, these dots are hard to see.
Large print is fine, so let me be.

I do not have vision, Gale.
That is why I must read Braille.

Would you read Braille here or there?
I could read Braille anywhere.
Two blind children reading atop Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia.
Oh dear Gale, I love my Braille.

Would you read it in a house?
Would you read it to a mouse?

I do read it in my house.
I do read it to my mouse.

I do read Braille here and there.
I do read Braille anywhere.
Oh dear Gale, I love my Braille.

How about that silly print?
Could you read in a tent?

Could you read it in the night?
Could you read it without light?

I could read Braille at the park!
I could read Braille in the dark!
I do read Braille here and there.
I do read Braille anywhere.
Oh dear Gale, I love my Braille!

Would you read Braille in a box?
Would you teach Braille to a fox?

I could read Braille in a box.
I couldn’t teach Braille to a fox.

Why can’t you teach it to a fox?
He couldn’t feel it through his socks.

I could teach it to a girl.
Hey, look at that, there goes a squirrel.

We could read it in a tree.
You could read Braille, don’t you see?

I do read Braille here and there.
I do read Braille anywhere.
Oh dear Gale, I love my Braille!

My darling Dale, I think I see.
Won’t you teach that Braille to me!

They tried to teach me in the school.
But I told them it wasn’t cool.

But I was wrong and don’t want to fail!
I think it’s time I learned my Braille!

We do read Braille here and there!
We do read Braille anywhere!

Bumps and dots are cool to read.
With this Braille we will succeed!

Dale, Gale, and Their Braille Tale (word)

Dale, Gale, and Their Braille Tale (brf)

Listen to Lindsay read Dale, Gale, and Their Braille Tale on YouTube

Whozit dressed like The Cat in the Hat


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 
   -- Dr. Seuss

We are looking forward to celebrating Read Across America and promoting Braille with you this year on March 3!


If you have questions about the NFB’s participation in Read Across America Day, please contact:

Liz Spann
Education Program Specialist, Jernigan Institute