2014 Read Across America File Upload Form

Please use this form to:

1. Submit pictures of yourself or your child reading Braille in identifiable and diverse settings (i.e. in the woods, on the beach, at the Grand Canyon, at Disney World, etc.). We will accept images of all sizes and quality but higher resolution pictures(300dpi) are preferred. Accepted image formats are .jpg, .png and .gif

2. Submit a video of your child reading Braille or showcasing how you will celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Accepted video file formats are .avi, .mov and .mp4. Videos should be under two minutes and the video size should not exceed 25MB.

3. All file names should be lower cased and contain your last name. If you have more than one file to upload put a number behind your last name. For example "smith1, smith2".

Required field(s) are indicated by an *.

Reminder: All file name must be in lowercase. All file names must include your last name.