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Meet the 2017 Bolotin Award Winners

Part of the movie poster for Do You Dream In Color?, featuring the four teenagers who are the subjects of the film against the backdrop of a cloudy sky. The clouds above each individual are in a shape that represents that individual’s goal. Above Carina is a cloud shaped like a graduation cap, above Nick is a cloud shaped like a two musical sixteenth notes beamed together, above Sarah is a cloud shaped like North and South America, and above Connor is a cloud shaped like a skateboard.

$15,000 – Joint award to Abigail Fuller and Sarah Ivy, directors of the film Do You Dream in Color (about four teenagers—Connor, Nick, Sarah, and Carina—focusing on the educational barriers they face on the way to fulfilling their dreams)

Dr. Paul Barlett displays models of the human body, and tactile drawings that he used to teach a blind student in the chiropractic field.

$10,000 – Professor Paul Barlett, PhD (intuitively understands the full range of accommodation that blind students need to succeed in hard science classes, such as Chiropractic)

Six participants in the NFB of Illinois’s FreedomLink program stand on the field at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

$10,000 – NFB of Illinois for its Freedom Link Project (pairs blind teenagers with experienced blind adults who teach the teens how to travel to various places of interest in the Chicago area, walking or using buses or trains)

Tillman Mitchell, one of the disabled people featured in Bottom Dollars, inside his home.

$10,000 – Rooted in Rights for its full-length documentary Bottom Dollars (reveals the exploitation of workers with disabilities and shows them successfully working in competitive jobs and starting their own businesses)

American Bar Association president, Linda Klein, stands behind a podium and speaks into a microphone.

$5,000 – American Bar Association (for making accessible participation an imperative for blind lawyers and for lawyers with other disabilities).

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