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Black, Blind, and Successful: The Story of a Fighter 
by Ever Lee Hairston (Braille Monitor, March 2001)
An address delivered at the NFB national convention, Atlanta, Georgia, July 5, 2000.
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Blindness: A Left-Handed Dissertation   
by Kenneth Jernigan
An address delivered at the NFB national convention, New York City, July 4, 1973.
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Blindness: Concepts and Misconceptions  
by Kenneth Jernigan
An address delivered at the NFB national convention, Washington, D.C., July 6, 1965.
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Blindness: Discrimination, Hostility, and Progress
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, June 1968)
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Calling All Drivers: Advancing Leadership, Collective Action, and the Boundaries of Independence
by Mark A. Riccobono (Braille Monitor, August/September 2010)
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The Continuing Saga of the Kernel Books
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, August/September 1998)
An address delivered at the NFB national convention, Dallas, Texas, 1998.
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The Cost of a Gift  
by Marc Maurer (Braille Monitor, February/March 1988)
An address delivered at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, December 9, 1987.
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A Definition of Blindness   
A Definition of Blindness (Audio)
by Kenneth Jernigan (Future Reflections, Special Issue 2005)
Originally appeared in the Blind American, November 1962.
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Disability and Visibility: Uncle Tom, Blind Tom, and Tiny Tim
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, April 1973)
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From One World into Another
by Ahmed Chaing with Debbie Kent Stein (Braille Monitor, February 2003)
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Greater Expectations: Some Thoughts on Engaging the Wider World   
by Geerat J. Vermeij (Braille Monitor, October 2006)
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Handicapped Parking Permits for the Blind
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, January 1998)
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The Individual’s Role in a Democracy
by Jacobus tenBroek (Braille Monitor, April 2002)
A lecture delivered at East Contra Costa College, probably in December 1962.
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The Mythology of Discrimination
by Marc Maurer (Braille Monitor, May 2009)
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The Nature of Independence 
The Nature of Independence (Video)
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, September/October 1993)
An address delivered at the NFB national convention, Dallas, Texas, July 6, 1993.
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Open Letter to Members of the National Federation of the Blind and Other Friends and Colleagues  
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, January 1998)
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Partially Sighted, Really Blind  
by Catherine Horn Randall (As the Twig Is Bent, 1992)
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The Pitfalls of Political Correctness: Euphemisms Excoriated 
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, August 1993)
Regarding the word blind and Resolution 93-01.
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The Pros and Cons of Preferential Treatment of Blind Persons  
by Jacobus tenBroek (Braille Monitor, May 1996)
An address delivered at the American Association of Workers for the Blind Convention, Quebec, June 1955.
Order Information: Item LBP07; Braille/Print; No Charge

The Role of the Blind in a Democratic Society
by Dr. Jacobus tenBroek (Braille Monitor, July 2007)
An address delivered at the NFB national convention, Nashville, Tennessee, July 12, 1952.
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The Role of the Consumer in the Development of Programs of Research and Training
by Fredric K. Schroeder (Braille Monitor, August/September 2004)
An address delivered at the NFB national convention, Atlanta, Georgia, July 4, 2004.
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The Sermon on the Mount
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, February 1989)
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Shackled Imagination: Literary Illusions About Blindness 
by Deborah Kent Stein (Braille Monitor, January 1990)
Expanded version of a paper presented at the Second International Symposium on Vision Loss, February 1988.
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The Spirit of the Journey: The Blind Driver Challenge and the Direction of Our Movement 
by Mark A. Riccobono (Braille Monitor, August/September 2011)
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Straightforward Answers About Blindness
Large type information for blind and low-vision individuals.
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Sunday Papers
by Matt Maurer (Braille Monitor, November 1998)
President Maurer's brother, Matt Maurer, writes about the paper route the boys shared as kids.
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Who Is Blind and Is It Respectable? 
by Kenneth Jernigan (Braille Monitor, June 1989)
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Why She Walked Out on Me
by Zach Shore (Braille Monitor, March 1991)
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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 
by Mary Ellen Jernigan (Braille Monitor, April 2006)
An address delivered at the first presidents' seminar, Baltimore, Maryland, February 18, 2006.
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You’re in the Army Now 
by Kevan Worley (Braille Monitor, November 2005)
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Blindness: Nuisance or Tragedy    
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Blindness: The Triple Revolution   
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NFB Philosophy--Variations on a Theme
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Why Is It Better to Have a Library for the Blind in an Agency for the Blind Rather Than Any Other Setting?
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