National Federation of the Blind Seniors Division

Seniors smiling and walking together

Losing vision as you get older?

Wondering if you can still live the active, independent life you want?

The answer is yes, and we can help!

The National Federation of the Blind, Seniors Division is a group of active, independent older Americans who are living the lives we want and can show you how to do the same. We are part of the National Federation of the Blind, the oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind and low-vision people.

We know losing vision can be scary at first.

Together, we have learned how to adapt to this change and continue living the lives we want. By joining us you connect with a supportive network of seniors and others who can help you succeed in this transition using the three A’s:

Acceptance of your vision loss, a positive Attitude, and learning Alternative Techniques for doing the things you once did using your vision. By connecting with people who have met the challenges you’re facing—whether in your community, at a National Federation of the Blind convention, or via our nationwide conference calls—you’ll learn:

  • Tips for making minor modifications to your home, like using tactile markings on your kitchen appliances, so that you can continue to live there with independence.
  • How to travel around the corner or around the world, safely and independently.
  • Where you can get access to books, magazines, and other reading material in alternative formats like large print, audio, and Braille.
  • How you can use technology and stay connected with yourfriends and loved ones, even when you can no longer see the screen of your computer or phone.

Senior with a guide dog using a device to read

The National Federation of the Blind also provides the following useful services

  • NFB-NEWSLINE®, makes hundreds of newspapers and magazines available to blind and low-vision readers using any telephone.
  • A free white cane, the basic tool for independent travel by the blind, and tips for how to use it to get around safely and quickly. 
  • Independence Market, offers hundreds of products designed for blind and low-vision people, including:
    • portable magnifiers;
    • talking clocks and watches;
    • tactile and audio marking and
    • labeling aids for canned goods,
    • appliances, and clothing;
    • useful kitchen and
    • household items.

Annie from Arizona says:

“At age eighty, my eye condition leaves me with a small circle of hazy but still useful vision. I am preparing for when it is gone. As a member of the National Federation of the Blind, I pride myself on being independent, but, as total blindness approaches, I am anticipating difficulties coping with blindness and the aging process. Fortunately, I have my Federation family to help me learn techniques like using a long white cane, using Braille labels, and improving my proficiency with the iPhone and other technology. I journey on, and look forward to tomorrow’s challenges!”


Annie Walking with her white caneNational Federation of the Blind
Seniors Division 
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For more support and resources, find and join your local chapter of the National Federation of the Blind:

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