Convention Transit Information: MARTA to the Marriott Marquis


If you are planning to fly to Atlanta to attend the 2000 Convention and you have a manageable amount of baggage, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) offers convenient door-to-door service between Hartsfield International Airport and the Marriott Marquis Hotel. Enter MARTA'S Airport Rail Station on its North-South rail line, which is located immediately outside airport baggage claim, purchase a fare card, go up one level to the platform, and take any northbound train to Peachtree Center. At the top of the stairs the northbound platform is to the right. Because this station is the south end of the line, the train sometimes pulls up to the southbound platform to unload, sits and waits, then proceeds north from the southbound side. If a train is sitting on the airport platform, get on. It will head north. If you need further directions or help purchasing a fare card, the station attendant will be glad to assist you.

The Airport and Peachtree Center stations both have escalators, elevators, and stairs. Both stations have center platforms between the northbound and southbound tracks. The ride from the Airport to Peachtree Center takes seventeen minutes.

Peachtree Center is the first station north of Five Points, the downtown subway station at which the north-south line crosses under the east-west line. Five Points is easy to recognize because, when the train stops, the doors open on both sides of the car. When you get off the train, turn left (south). The first pillar you come to houses the elevator, which opens on the pillar's south side. The second pillar houses the stairs and an escalator coming down. The third pillar houses two escalators, one going up and one going down. Go up one level to the mezzanine. At the top of either the stairs or escalator, walk straight ahead, angling slightly to the right to locate the fare gates. After passing through the turnstile, turn right (east), walk to the end of the hall, then turn left (south). Walk straight ahead to the escalators at the end of this hall and go up. At the top of the escalator turn right, walk to the end of the hall, and turn right again. Begin looking for the mall doors on the left.

Enter the mall and go up two short flights of stairs to enter the mall food court. If you come into contact with the tables, go around them to the right. At the second major hallway, turn left and walk to the end of the hall. There you will find an enclosed bridge turning forty-five degrees to the left. This bridge goes over the intersection of Peachtree Center Avenue and Harris Street. At the end of the bridge is a small down ramp. At the bottom turn left and walk to the end of the hall. Turn right and look for recessed double doors on the left. Through the double doors is another hallway. At the end of this hallway turn right. You will pass several shops on your right. The first hallway to the right beyond the shops leads to the hotel.

Go straight down that hallway and under an overhang until you reach a railing from which you can look down into the lobby. Follow this railing to the right (south) and around a turn to the left. Work your way around three large planters and contact the railing again. If you continue walking east, you will pass the Grandstand Lounge suspended from above and can reach the elevator bank in the atrium. If instead you follow the railing around another turn to the left, begin looking and listening for the escalators connecting this Garden Level with the Lobby Level. The down escalator will be the first opening in the railing.

To reach the hotel registration desk, descend to the lobby and turn right at the bottom of the escalator. Walk to the north wall of the lobby. Turn right again and walk east to the registration desk, which is on the north wall.