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The Braille Monitor,  June 2001 EditionThis is a line.

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Lest We Forget:

      Despicable attitudes about blindness and the capacities of blind people survive today around the world. The fact that the following story was written in India may not surprise you, but that Reuters, one of the most prestigious wire services around the world, found it newsworthy is a sobering reminder of how much work we still have to do. Here it is:

            Indian Designer Launches Fashion Range for Blind

by Maria Abraham

      BOMBAY, April 10 (Reuters)‑-One of India's most innovative fashion designers, Wendell Rodricks, has launched a collection with Braille embroidery and bead‑work designed specially for the visually impaired. The outfits have Braille embossed in the form of French knots and bead‑work to make it easy for the visually impaired to know the color.

      The collection, mostly in white, black, and flesh colors, has been designed in washed cotton, silken crepe, rippled jersey, and stretch lycra to emphasize the feel rather than the look.

      Since putting buttons in the wrong button‑hole is a common problem, the Goa‑based designer has taken care to number the button‑holes in Braille.

      Rodricks held a preview of the range titled "Visionnaire" in a leading Bombay fashion store on Tuesday with top models draped in his creations priced between 1,050 ($22.50) and 6,000 ($129) rupees.

     "This is the most spiritually valuable collection I have ever designed. People say I have contributed internationally to the blind," Rodricks told Reuters after the show. Rodricks said the clothes were for the sighted as well, and the Braille lettering would appear like a design on the clothes.

      Leading Indian models like Helen Brodie and Tapur Chatterjee sashayed before a media crowd in flowing, wispy white tunics, sarongs, and halters, looking chic yet mystical.

     "People are obsessed with how they look, but I wanted to put feeling in these clothes," said Rodricks, forty.

      The idea for a fashion range for the visually impaired was first suggested by Balchandra V. Acharya, a former history lecturer who lost his eyesight at the age of thirteen, to leading fashion critic Meher Castelino.

     "I wanted blind people to be able to walk into a shop and pick up clothes without anyone's help. To give them a sense of independence."

Home-Based Business Opportunity Available:

      Federationist John Blake has asked us to carry the following announcement:

      A sixteen‑year-old company has high-quality, one‑of‑a‑kind products which not only meet your health and nutrition needs, but also provide nutritional supplements offering superior immune-system support. Check our new Antioxidant Formula, a cutting‑edge, anti‑aging nutritional supplement, and our flagship product, Km/Matol, an herbal preparation widely recognized for its health-promoting properties. Our company's products have broad acceptance by doctors and other health professionals. Distributorships available. Please call John Blake, independent distributor for Matol Botanical International, Ltd., at (505) 246‑2605, or, e-mail: <[email protected]>.

For Sale:

      We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

      Tracy Hall from Blind Industries and Services of Maryland has a Braille Lite 2000 for sale. It is in excellent condition and has the latest updates. She is selling it for $2,200. It is two years old. Anyone interested in purchasing this Braille Lite should contact Tracy Hall at (410) 233‑4567 ext. 301 or (888) 322‑4567 ext. 301.

Cookbooks for Sale:

      The NFB of Florida's Polk County Chapter in Winter Haven will have cookbooks available for sale at the Philadelphia Convention. The books have a variety of recipes and helpful hints for easy and fun cooking. It has a lovely, colorful cover and a spiral binding so that it lies flat when in use. Every section has easy-to-find dividers. There are over 200 recipes. The book is available in print, and the cost is $10. See Kitty or Joe King in the Florida delegation, and we will be happy to sell you one of our excellent cookbooks.

For Sale:

      We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

      The following items are for sale:

Openbook 3.0 with tapes and manuals, $100.

Accent PC internal speech card with manual and disk drivers, $100.

An Ann Morris tone indexer with manual; microphone plugs into unit, $25.

      Free Jaws for DOS versions 1.0 through 2.3 with manuals and training tapes. Will ship this item free matter for the blind.

      You will need to add shipping cost to all other items sold. Call between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m; money orders only please. Contact J. L. Blackwell, 846 Skyline Drive, Chester, South Carolina 29706, phone: (803) 377‑7913.

Perkins Braillewriters for Sale:

      The NFB of Massachusetts is pleased to announce that it has two Perkins BrailleWriters available for immediate sale. These writers have recently been repaired and cleaned and are in excellent condition. Both come with covers and are in cases.

      They can be purchased immediately for $300 per machine or best offer. Please write, phone, or e‑mail our Somerset Office to Priscilla Ferris, 140 Wood Street, Somerset, Massachusetts. 02726, phone: (508) 679‑8543, or e‑mail: <[email protected]>.


      The Phoenix Chapter of the NFB of Arizona elected new officers. They are Martel R. Silba, President; Judith Tunell, First Vice President; Norma Robertson, Second Vice President; Tom Johnson, Recording Secretary; Donna-Lee Silba, Treasurer; Marc Schmidt and Fred Rockwell, Board Members; and Jessie Mora, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Explanatory Exercise Tapes Available:

      We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

      Louis Scrivani introduces "Weightless Workouts" and "Chair-a-size," two new exercise tapes geared to the blind. "Weightless Workouts" shows and explains exercises and stretching and warm‑ups and offers several routines. After listening to this audio tape, you can follow a video exercise routine by remembering the weightless-workouts tape. The second tape for sale, "Chair-a-size," describes a few exercises that can be done from a chair for those who use a wheelchair or who do not want to get on the floor or become overheated. It takes only about ten minutes.

      Both programs can be found at Phil Scovall's Web site, <www.redwhiteandblue.org/workouts> or by calling (888) 936‑0001.


      At the annual convention of the NFB of Utah, conducted April 6 and 7, 2001, the affiliate elected several new officers and members of the Board of Directors. We now have some new faces on the board and some continuing members in new positions. The rearranged Board of Directors looks like this: President, Ron Gardner; First Vice President, Cheralyn Braithwaite; Second Vice President, Ray Martin; Secretary, Kara Campbell; Treasurer, Norm Gardner; and Board members, Dean Anderson, Karl Smith, Mary Hale, David Poteet, and Richard Condie.

Attention Blind Actors:

      We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

      Award-winning graduate film director casting for lead in thesis film Lucky, a dark comedy about the desire for attention. Shooting in September. I am seeking a blind man in mid to late twenties‑-must be good swimmer. Professionals and non-professionals are invited to send photo/résumés.

      The film is about two brothers. The blind character is doing a sponsored swim for charity, and his sighted brother is leading him through the course in a row boat. I will also be casting up to fifteen other roles for blind actors, so anyone interested can send me headshots. We will be filming in either New Jersey or Rhode Island.

      Send materials to Sophie Goodhart, 721 Broadway, 10th floor, New York, New York 10003.

New Accessible Web Site:

      We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

      Come and visit Enablelink.com, an online community for blind people, their families, friends, and colleagues. We offer original content and information on a wide variety of subjects.

     We are presently looking for more writers. If you are interested, e‑mail a writing sample to <[email protected]>.

      In addition to our original content, we feature world, national, and health news updated daily from several mainstream news sources. The content is presented in an easy-to-read format without the clutter you find in many mainstream Web sites.

      We hope to be around for a long time, and we will be supported by purchases made on our site. We offer for sale a wide variety of products, from watches to assistive technology. We have a fully accessible shopping area; please stop by next time you need to make a purchase.

      Enablelink.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of De Witt & Associates. For more information contact Richard Fox, Director of Sales and Marketing, De Witt & Associates, 700 Godwin Avenue, Suite 110, Midland Park, New Jersey 07432‑1460; phone: (201) 447‑6500, Ext. 223; Fax: (201) 447‑1187; e‑mail: <[email protected]>.

Executive Director Position:

      We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

      Mississippi Industries for the Blind is seeking an exceptional individual to lead this organization into the future. The Executive Director will be responsible for the management of a sixteen-million-dollar budget and supervision of multiple plant locations. He or she will direct a team of 250 employees and work with state agencies and a board of directors. A demonstrated knowledge of manufacturing concerns and an understanding of issues pertinent to the blind community are essential for the successful applicant. A bachelor's degree is required. A full benefit package is included. Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. The search committee will accept applications until the position is filled. For information regarding this position, call Mr. R. T. Deacon Millard at (601) 992-2447. Résumés should be sent to Mississippi Industries for the Blind, P. O. Box 55567, Jackson, Mississippi 39296.

            NFB PLEDGE

            I pledge to participate actively in the effort of the National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its constitution.

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