The Braille Monitor                                                                                       December 2002

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Women Volunteers Needed

by Barbara Pierce

The Committee on the Status of Blind Women of the World Blind Union is eager to establish an international registry and network of blind women to support and assist women around the world. Members of the women's committee in this region are doing what we can to notify blind women in the United States and Canada of this opportunity and invite them to participate and perhaps help women in less developed countries by sharing our experience and by learning from them.

You can support this effort by filling out the following registration form or going to <>. Select the link, The Work of WBU Women’s Committee, then choose the link, Women’s Register, to fill out the form online. Here is the form:

WBU Women's Network Registration Form

Please return to:
Maryanne Diamond

FAX: 61 3 9521 3832
E-mail <[email protected]>

You are invited to complete all questions; however, if you are unable to answer any or choose not to answer some, we welcome you to participate at the level you feel most comfortable.



Date of birth:__________________________________________


Blind/partially sighted/sighted


Reading format: print/large print/Braille/audiocassette/diskette

Access to a computer: Yes/No

Do you have e-mail? Yes/No If yes, address:________________________________

If you have a personal e-mail address, would you like to be included in the e-mail discussion list? Yes/No

If yes, what is your e-mail address?________________________________________

Are you active in your national organization of the blind and partially sighted? No/Yes

If yes, what is your position?_____________________________________________

Is this a voluntary or paid job? voluntary/paid

If voluntary, do you have a paid job as well? Yes/No

If yes, what is the type of work in this paid job?_________________________________

Name, address, and e-mail of your national organization___________________________



If you want to receive correspondence at your home address, please give your address:___


You have experience in the field of__________________________________________


What topics are you especially interested in?___________________________________


Is there an active women's commission in your country? Yes/No

If yes, how many members does it have?______________________________________

Are you a member? Yes/No

What do you expect from the WBU Women's Network? Please be as specific and concrete as possible.

Register my details on:

My regional Regional Women's Network Register YES/NO

The International Women's Network Register YES/NO

Thank you for your time filling out this form. In answering all the questions, you provide us with valuable information that helps us identify

      a. the composition of the WBU Women's Network by age, personal status, work, and position

      b. The knowledge and expertise available within the network

      c. Needs and wishes of the Network's members

With that information we can work towards establishing a useful network.

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