The Braille Monitor

             Vol. 46, No. 5                                                                                  May 2003

Barbara Pierce, Editor

Published in inkprint, in Braille, and on cassette by

The National Federation of the Blind
Marc Maurer, President

National Office
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, Maryland  21230
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National Federation of the Blind
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Louisville Site of 2003
NFB Convention

The 2003 convention of the National Federation of the Blind will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, June 28-July 5. We will conduct the convention at the Galt House Hotel and the Galt House East Tower, a first-class convention hotel. The Galt House Hotel, familiarly called the Galt House West, is at 140 N. Fourth Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202. The Galt House East Tower, or Galt House East, is at 141 N. Fourth Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202. Room rates for this year's convention are excellent: singles, doubles, and twins $57 and triples and quads $63 a night, plus tax. The hotel is accepting reservations now. A $60-per-room deposit is required to make a reservation. Fifty percent of the deposit will be refunded if notice is given to the hotel of a reservation cancellation before June 1, 2003. The other 50 percent is not refundable. For reservations call the hotel at (502) 589-5200.

Rooms will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations may be made to secure these rooms before June 1, 2003, assuming that rooms are still available. After that time the hotel will not hold the block of rooms for the convention. In other words, you should get your reservation in soon.

Our overflow hotel is the Hyatt Regency at 320 W. Jefferson Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202, phone (502) 587-3434.

Those who attended the 2002 convention can testify to the gracious hospitality of the Galt House. This hotel has excellent restaurants, first-rate meeting space, and other top-notch facilities. It is in downtown Louisville, close to the Ohio River and only seven miles from the Louisville Airport.

The 2003 convention will follow what many think of as our usual schedule:

Saturday, June 28 Seminar Day

Sunday, June 29 Registration Day

Monday, June 30 Board Meeting and Division Day

Tuesday, July 1 Opening Session

Wednesday, July 2 Tour Day

Thursday, July 3 Banquet Day

Friday, July 4 Business Session

Plan to be in Louisville;
The action of the convention will be there!



         Vol. 46, No. 5                                                                                         May 2003


What Happened in Tampa? Observations
on Informal Picketing

by C. Edwin Vaughan, Ph.D.  

Open Letter to a Blind Person:
Choosing Rehabilitation Programs and Instructors

by Mike Bullis

A Federationist Speaks Out
by Chris Kuell

Disability Is No Hindrance for Blind Teacher:
Blindness Enhances Her Mission to Make Children Independent

by Eric Bradley

Introducing the Galt House and Hyatt
by Max Robinson

Tactile Images and You:
A Comparison of Thermal Expansion Machines

by Robert S. Jaquiss

Surmounting the Braille Reading Speed Plateau
by John Bailey

America Online: Is It Accessible Now?
by Curtis Chong

How I Turned My Life Around
by Robert Dorfman

Carol�s Compliment
by Angela Howard

A Woman to Remember
by Cory Golden

Please Pass the Manners
by Barbara Pierce

Birthday Bash at St. Lucy�s School
by Lynn Heitz

Focusing on the Picture
by Susan Povinelli

A Wrenching Decision
by Ed Lewinson


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