Braille Monitor                                                             March 2007

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When well over five hundred Federationists make appointments in congressional offices during a three-day period, no one should be surprised that a number of senators and representatives make time to see their blind constituents in person. That is what happened January 30 through February 1 as the NFB conducted its 2007 Washington Seminar. Here are photos of a few of these meetings:


NFB of South Carolina President Parnell Diggs, Congressman Bob Inglis, Lenora Robertson, Ellen Taylor, Debra Canty, and Diana Singleton chat in the hall outside Congressman Inglisís office.

Congressman Ralph Regula of Ohio enjoys a spectacular view of the Capitol from his office window in the Rayburn Building. Here Jason Ewell and Luke Cassi (left) and Jennifer Kennedy (right) talk with him about appropriations of interest to the blind.








Wyoming Congresswoman Barbara Cubin talks with CCB student and Wyoming resident Ruth Harrington and Kelly Thornberry, also from Wyoming.


NFB of Colorado President Scott LaBarre (center) seated at the head of the table, and members of the Colorado delegation talk with Senator Wayne Allard in his office.





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