Braille Monitor                                                     October 2007

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Baltimore residents knew that something special was happening in late July when a giant banner went up at the intersection of Lee and Light Streets, beside the Maryland Science Center. It told everyone who drove past that the National Federation of the Blind was conducting the Youth Slam.


A large crowd of high school students stand listening to a speaker, many wearing yellow Youth Slam T-shirts. We can see lots of state signs being held. The Inner Harbor is visible behind the crowd.
Friday afternoon, August 3, Youth Slam participants rallied at the Inner Harbor before
marching to the National Center for the Blind. Here students listen to Marc Riccobono.
On the platform Anil Lewis listens.

Marchers followed the Youth Slam banner, seen here in the foreground, as they marched from the Inner Harbor to the National Center for the Blind. Designated students proudly carried their state placards as they marched.


The closing ceremonies and dinner of the Youth Slam were held Friday evening in Members Hall at the Jernigan Institute.

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