Braille Monitor                                                    March 2008

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Songs Inspired by the Quiet Car Crisis

From the Editor: In recent months at least two Federationists have been inspired to commit to paper the frustration felt by blind pedestrians facing hybrid and electric cars. Sandy Halverson is a Federation leader in Virginia. She frequently leads the singing of Federation songs at national gatherings. Mary Ellen Gabias now lives in Canada, but she is also a deeply committed Federationist. Those reading the recorded edition will be listening to these songs. The first was sung by a group of young people from Virginia who visited the National Center last fall. The second is sung by Tom Bickford, who was accompanied by Chris Danielsen on the piano.

The Quiet Car Song
(To the tune of �Found a Peanut�)
Written by Sandy Halverson

I was walking down the sidewalk
Thinking of what I would eat
When I got up to the restaurant
And the friends I was to meet.

I was so close I could smell it.
Didn't have to go that far
When my life was quickly altered
By that sneaky quiet car.

I approached my destination
When my cane broke at my feet.
Never heard the car approaching--
I was lying in the street.

Heard the siren of the ambulance
As it carried me away.
Lost my hunger in the ER.
Guess we'll meet another day.

The Hybrid Car Song
(To the tune of �Surrey with the Fringe on Top�)
Written by Mary Ellen Gabias
© 2007 by the National Federation of the Blind

Kids and dogs won�t know when to scurry.
Silent death arrives in a hurry.
All who walk have reason to worry
'Bout the hybrid car.

We all want to stop the polluting,
Save a lot of gas while commuting.
If they made sound there'd be no disputing
With the hybrid car.

Saving the planet we all hold dear,
Nobody wants to destroy it.
Please make cars pedestrians can hear
'Cause we want to be 'round to enjoy it.

We don�t need a noisy vrum-vrumming,
Just a simple audible humming,
So that we can know when you're coming
In a hybrid car.
Then we all can walk with safety on the street
Without fear that we will accident�lly meet
A hybrid car.

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