Braille Monitor                                                    March 2009

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Tony Olivero, access technology specialist in the International Braille and Technology Center, served as assistant instructor during the February 5 session of the NFB-sponsored Transformational Seminar conducted for students of the 2009 class of the Greater Baltimore Committee Leadership Program. Here Tony teaches Braille to Suzanne Sangree, chief solicitor for the City of Baltimore.

The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) is a prestigious network of Maryland-based leaders in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. It operates an annual leadership program in which selected GBC members participate in a ten-month curriculum offering classes, seminars, and other activities designed to enrich their understanding of the diverse community in which they live and work. Several Federation leaders have graduated from this program, and each year the NFB offers several three-hour courses on blindness awareness to GBC Leadership Program participants. They learn about our empowering philosophy of blindness and receive instruction in cane travel, food preparation, and Braille. Coached by blind instructors, participants begin to grasp that with six to nine months of effective training and equal opportunity blind people can fully integrate into their communities. This program has helped to shape the positive understanding of blindness that many community leaders in Baltimore have today.

A man under sleepshades pours water.
William Beckford pours water from a pitcher into a glass during the kitchen lesson.


A woman under sleepshades cuts a bagel.
Lisa Rusyniak, chief operating officer of Goodwill Industries of Central Maryland, slices a bagel with a Bagel Biter.

Lourdes Montes-Greenan pours hot coffee while wearing sleepshades. Other Greater Baltimore Committee Leadership Program students wait in line to try their hand at pouring a hot beverage without vision.


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