Braille Monitor                                                    April 2009

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The 2009 Washington Seminar took place from February 8 to 11. Federationists swept across Capitol Hill visiting their senators and members of Congress. The Capitol Police have gotten used to giving visitors good directions, and the officers staffing entrance security quickly adjusted to providing audible cues and helpful oral instructions. We met with aides in every House and Senate office, and a number of members of Congress and senators made time to listen to our 2009 legislative agenda.

A child reads Braille to Senator Hatch.
Kristy Colton looks on while Megan Palmer of Utah reads Braille to her senator, Orrin Hatch.



Seated around a table in New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman’s office, left to right, are Fred Schroeder, Joni Martinez, Wanda Briggs, NFB of New Mexico President Christine Hall, Arthur Schreiber, Senator Bingaman, Ray Marshall, Wesley Peters, James McCarthy, and Claudia Martinez.


Seated at a table in the office of Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut from left to right are Jimmie Killian, Junerose Killian, Maryanne Melley, Senator Dodd, Fred Schroeder, Gary Allen, Jim McCarthy, NFB of Connecticut President Beth Rival, and Charlie Rival. Standing in the back are office intern, Deepa Goraya (NFB of California); NFB of Connecticut member, Carol Lemieux; and aide Jeremy Sharp.


Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt listens intently to constituent concerns. Seated left to right are Representative Schmidt, Lucas Cassi, Cindy Conley, Paul Dressell, Lauren Adams, and Deborah Kendrick.


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