Braille Monitor                                              August/September 2014

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Breaking Barriers Triathlon

Nick Oliver uses his cane to navigate around plastic alligators on the cobblestones around the pool as part of the Breaking Barriers Triathlon.

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children launched a new fundraiser called “The Breaking Barriers Triathlon.” The first challenge the young competitors face is the alligator-filled swamp. In the first photo Nick Oliver (age seven) navigates around plastic alligators on the cobblestones of the Rosen Center’s pool area. After this the competitors swim through shark-infested waters; in reality the shallow end of the pool with adult volunteers using inflatable sharks to “attack” the swimmers. Finally, the young challengers shoot barriers to independence. A young girl takes confident aim at the large felt target at the end of the event, taking her stand for independence. The course looked so challenging and fun that other children in the pool area asked to join in! So tremendous was the demand that the children could do only two trips each.

Nick Oliver has to swim across the shallow end of the pool as adult volunteers from the NOPBC “attack” using inflatable sharks
Young girl takes aim at a large felt target, the last challenge in the Breaking Barriers Triathlon.

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