Braille Monitor                                                                  January 1985


Monitor Miniatures

**Rhode Island Convention:

Richard Gaffney writes as follows: "I am writing to inform you officially that there has been a change in administration here in Rhode Island. Ed Beck has stepped down as president, and I was elected to take his place. The other officers are: First Vice President, Barry Humphries; Second Vice President, Harold Brown; Treasurer, Tom McGarrity; Recording Secretary, Mary Jane Fry; Corresponding Secretary, Cathy Gaffney; and board members Ed Beck, Louis Defelice, Ruth McGarrity, Michael Delsesto, and Ray Gauvin. Our Sargent at Arms is Ken Brackett. The other important information I wish to give you is that at the end of our convention our Governor, J. Joseph Garrahey, proclaimed October NFB Month in Rhode Island. I extend to you my warmest regards and look forward to working with you in the movement."

**New Travel Aid:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"OSCAR (Obstacle SCan And Report) is a new navigational aid being produced by Pentad Corporation. Pentad is a company which develops and markets new products for the handicapped. Pentad says that blind persons or those with extensive loss of vision can use OSCAR to detect, measure, or avoid obstacles up to 15 feet away. 'It's like a hand-held radar,' says Stan Pond, the chief design engineer on the OSCAR project at Pentad. Lou Esposito, the company's Director of Marketing (based in Connecticut) points out that the product's major advantages are that it speaks to its user in plain English making unfamiliar surroundings accessible without extensive training. Added to that is its economy. At its introductory price of under $500 it is less than 1/6 (one-sixth) the cost of some mobility aids. The core of the OSCAR is the same sophisticated range finder used on auto focussing cameras. Its output is a clearly understandable synthesized voice, giving the distance in feet to the nearest object within its beam pattern. Output is through an earphone or a speaker according to the preference of the user. For more information about OSCAR or to arrange a demonstration for a group, contact Lou Esposito at 203-453-2577, POB 1129, Madison, Connecticut 06443."

**From New England:

Gerry Paice writes as follows:

"In the year 1984 active Federationists from our Massachusetts affiliate attended the annual convention of the other five New England states as visitors. When our own state convention was held in early October, we played the role of host to NFB people from New Hampshire and Vermont. NFB growth in this part of the country is encouraging. I am convinced that the growth will accelerate in the years ahead."


We have the following letter from Kathryn Cone:

"On October 26, 27, and 28 the Arizona affiliate held its annual convention in Tucson. Elections were held on Sunday the 28th. The following officers were elected for a one year term--until next convention: President, Lee Jones; first Vice President, Bruce Gardner; Second Vice President, Art Dinges; Secretary, Kathryn Cone; and Treasurer, Loretta Jones. The following people were elected to two-year terms as Board Directors. Their terms will expire during the 1986 convention: Roberta Jansen, Tucson; Joe Sizemore, Tempe Mesa; and Fred Rockwell, Phoenix. The following people retain directorship until the 1985 convention: Walt Cone, Phoenix; Frank Villarea, Phoenix; and Jim Marler, Phoenix."

**IRS Filing Information:

Byron Sykes, First Vice President of the National Federation of the Blind of North Carolina, writes:

"I wish to bring a matter to your attention that may be going on with affiliates of similar financial state to that of North Carolina. I received a notice from IRS asking about our filing the information return Form 990. That was returned June 22. At our original mailing address, we now receive a penalty notice. In checking at work, I find that our organization is not alone. Therefore, if anyone is having similar problems, I would recommend that they contact their IRS office and ask for the Problem Resolution Officer. That person will see to it that the penalty charge will be removed."

**Studio Potter:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"For the first time a magazine offers a cassette recording of each issue, complete from cover to cover, and for the same price as its regular subscription.

'Studio Potter is a magazine for people working in the ceramic field. It is published twice a year by the Daniel Clark Foundation. The magazine contains articles on subjects of interest to working potters, students, teachers, collectors, and historians. Articles deal with clay, glazes, equipment of all kinds, and kiln firing. In addition it covers subjects such as the needs of the urban potter, health problems, aesthetics, discipline, and professional growth. Pottery of other countries is shown, including Japan, Africa, and the European nations. A unique feature of every issue is a visit to a geographic area of the U.S., and an intimate view of working potters through interviews and photographs of their studios.

"The magazine Studio Potter has no advertising. It is published by the Daniel Clark Foundation, a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to further the ceramic arts. In addition to magazines, the foundation produces films and books, and actively supports a variety of services to the field.

"One such new service is the cassette recording of each current issue of Studio Potter, narrated by potters whose intimate knowledge of the subject matter brings special insight to the readings. In addition to narration of the text, all photographs and other visuals are carefully described in context.

"Now available: Studio Potter, Volume 12 Number 1, available in 2-track 17/8 ips, price $6.00; Studio Potter, Volume 12 Number 2, available in 4-track 15/16 ips, price $6.00. Future issues will be available on 2-track cassettes, 1 7/8 ips. For further information, write to: Studio Potter on Cassette, Daniel Clark Recordings, Box 65, Goffstown, New Hampshire 03045."

**Oregon Convention:

David Hyde, President of the National Federation of the Blind of Oregon, asks that we carry the following announcement: "Everyone is invited to attend the fifteenth annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Oregon, March 22-24th in Portland. For information write National Federation of the Blind of Oregon Convention, P.O. Box 8524, Portland, Oregon 972 07, or telephone 503-371-1570."


On October 12, 1984, Jean Wagner (the Treasurer of the National Federation of the Blind of Indiana) died. Just a month earlier she had been at the state convention of the Indiana affiliate in Terre Haute. A few minutes before the banquet she had a stroke. She was taken to the hospital immediately but never recovered. Jean joined the Federation in 1970. The fact that she was sighted did not prevent her from being one of the staunchest and most enthusiastic members of the Indiana affiliate. She was a leader from the time she joined until her death. She served as an officer in the NFB of Indiana from 1971 until she died, and she was the first editor of the state newsletter, The Watchword. Jean Wagner was not merely willing but anxious to work and serve. She gave generously of her time and her resources. Her spirit strengthened the movement. She died as she would have wished and as she had lived--participating enthusiastically and doing all she could to strengthen the National Federation of the Blind.

**Home Study in Catholicism:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"Would you like to know more about God and serving him through the Catholic field? A free home study course is available in 10 cassette tapes. These lessons are taken from the Knights of Columbus home study course and have optional questions and answers for each lesson. We invite you to send for Lesson 1 on cassette tape by contacting Catholic Inquiry for the Blind, 228 North Walnut Street, Lansing, Michigan 48933, 517-484-4230."

**Want To Buy:

We have been asked to carry the following item:

"Blind college student on fixed income looking for used Optacon attachments cheap. Following attachments wanted:

CRT Reader, IBM Selectric II attachment, Visual Display Oscilloscope. As inexpensive as possible. Contact in print only: Sleuth, 11385 Heathertoe Lane, Columbia, Maryland 21044."


Under date of October 8, 1984, the following letter was written to Diane McGeorge by Federico Pena, Mayor of Denver:

"Dear Ms. McGeorge:

"It is with pleasure that I appoint you to the newly-formed Commission on the Disabled for a term of two years extending to September 30, 1986. "Your experience and insight will be a valuable asset to the Commission. As you know, the Commission will provide input and advice to the Mayor and to the Director of the agency for Human Rights and Community Relations on issues affecting the disabled community."

**Wyoming Convention:

Deanna Morss, President of the NFB of Wyoming, would like Monitor readers to know that the 1985 Wyoming convention will be held April 19-21 at the Casper Hilton Inn. All Federationists are invited to come. For further information contact: Melanie Rudell, Treasurer, NFB of Wyoming, 1506 East 24th Street, Casper, Wyoming 82 601.

**NFB Toy Chest:

Has Santa's visit caused you to consider putting an addition on your home? Make room by giving your used toys to the child care suite at national convention. We need toys for infants to young adults. Consider toys, games, puzzles, and books in good condition. We would especially appreciate print/Braille books your children have outgrown. Please send these to Mary Wurtzel, 7530 Vine Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68505.


William Troy Crawford, son of Richard and Sarah Crawford, Sioux City, Iowa, 8:09 a.m., October 30, 1984; seven pounds, four ounces, twenty inches long, all o.k. It will be remembered that Richard Crawford served a term on the board of the Iowa Commission for the Blind in the early 1980's. He was the only blind member of the board and (though usually outvoted) did what he could to bring sanity to the deliberations of that august body.

**Guide To Dog Guide Schools:

Professor Edwin Eames is heading up a project to prepare a user guide to Dog Guide Schools. It will be patterned after the available Guide to Colleges prepared for high school students. Professor Eames suggests that interested people send comments to: Professor Eames, Department of Anthropology, Bernard M. Baruch College, CUNY, 17 Lexington Avenue, Box 511, New York, New York 10010. He may also be reached at home 212-572-8961, or at work 212-505-5985.

**Augusto to Leave NAC:

As we go to press, we are informed by reliable sources that Carl Augusto, who served as Acting Executive Director at NAC during the transition, is leaving NAC and going to the Cincinnati Association for the Blind as Executive Director. We were informed that this change will occur on or about February 1, 1985. Milton Jahoda has been the Executive Director of the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and has pre sided over its affairs during the turbulent years of the battle of the blind employees in the sheltered shop to organize. Jahoda has been no friend to the blind, and Augusto would seem to be a worthy successor. NAC watchers will speculate as to what this change means. Perhaps the new climate at NAC is not to Augusto's liking, or perhaps Augusto is no longer to the liking of NAC.