Braille Monitor                                                                 February 1985


Monitor Miniatures


Joy Smith of California writes: "Dear Dr. Jernigan:

"Now that October is over, we wish to share with you the fruit of our efforts in gathering proclamations around the Santa Barbara area. I am enclosing three copies of proclamations that were presented by the Mayor of the city of Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, and the city of Carpinteria. The formal presentation from the County Board of Supervisors was televised on California Cox Cable t.v. This occasion was on October 15, White Cane Safety Day. I am enclosing a clipping from a local newspaper. Please note they have printed our resolution."


Rita Drill of Pennsylvania died December 14, 1984, after a prolonged illness. Throughout her entire life she had severe physical problems. Many Federationists will remember Rita from her leadership roles in the Pennsylvania affiliate through the years and from her attendance at national conventions.


Pauline Murphy writes as follows: "The newly elected officers of the National Federation of the Blind of St. Joseph, Missouri, are: President, Beryl Jordan; Vice President, Joyce Miller; Secretary, Melba Miller; and Treasurer, Larry Murphy."

**Exchange of Ideas:

Jim Scranton, who is a Federationist in the state of Florida, writes: "Dear Dr. Jernigan:

"Recently classes for the elderly blind and visually impaired were organized for the Palatka and Putnam County area. These classes are being co-sponsored by the Florida Division of Blind Services, St. Johns River Community College, and the First Baptist Church of Palatka.

"As a Federationist and as an instructor of the classes, I am reserving the right to include those people in the area who have recently become blind, or those who feel that they have vision problems irrespective of age.

"Dr. Jernigan, I would appreciate your ideas as to how these classes should be taught from the viewpoint of the National Federation of the Blind. I have six volunteers who help with teaching these classes.

"Also, I would like to correspond with Federationists around the country who have either experience as a rehab teacher, or who are currently employed as such. Please announce this in the Braille Monitor as soon as you can work it in. I would be able to correspond in Braille, print, or on cassette. My address is: Jim Scranton, 1000 Husson Avenue, Apt. 126, Palatka, Florida 32077; telephone 904-328-7185."


From Insight, the publication of the National Federation of the Blind of South Dakota:

"Kathleen McRae, Sioux Valley Chapter member, was appointed to serve on the Catholic Commission on Handicapped Persons for the Diocese of Sioux Falls. She will be attending her first meeting on October 4, 1984, and is looking forward to serving on this commission."

**New Krebs Available:

Braille transcribers will be pleased to know that there is a new edition of Transcribers' Guide to English Braille. Edited by Norma L. Sehecter, it is in loose leaf, three-hole punch form (with traditional green cover) to allow for easy future updates. The cost of $7.50 in the U.S.A. and Canada includes postage and handling. If first-class mail is requested, add $2.50 per copy. Checks should be made payable to Braille Institute. The address to write for the New Green Krebs is: The Student Store, Braille Institute of America, 741 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90029.

**Concerning Diabetics:

Patty Arocho, who is a Federationist from New York, writes as follows: "Recently I have received several letters/phone calls for information about products offered by the following company: Meditec, Inc., 9485 East Orchard Drive, Englewood, Colorado 80111; phone 303-771-4863. This company provides equipment which enables a blind diabetic to administer his/her own insulin. The equipment includes the following: 1) Tru-set insulin gauges from 2 units to 100 units. Each gauge is made out of plastic and measures only one dosage. They are labeled in Braille and large letters. 2) Hold-ease. This plastic tool enables the blind diabetic to easily guide the syringe into the insulin bottle."

**New Baby:

David and Debbie Robinson proudly announce the arrival of their daughter Gina Denise. She came into the world at 12:51 p.m., December 6, 1984. She weighs eight pounds and was twenty-two and a quarter inches long. As Federationists know, the Robinsons are longtime active Federationists. David is Director of the Radio Talking Book in Omaha, Nebraska. He is also First Vice President of the National Federation of the Blind of Nebraska.


Barbara Fohl writes:

"The Members at Large Affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio (those members who do not have a chapter near them) elected officers in July, and the results are as follows: President, Peggy Covey; Vice President, Steve Alspach; Secretary, Barbara Fohl; and Treasurer, Paul Enos."

**Governor's Award:

The following items appeared in Insight, the official publication of the National Federation of the Blind of South Dakota:

"Linda Houle, Black Hills Chapter member and volunteer in the NFB of South Dakota office, was nominated for the Governor's Volunteer of the Year Award, the most prestigious honor for public service available to citizens of South Dakota. Although she did not receive the award, she was granted a certificate which reads as follows: 'The South Dakota Office of Volunteerism awards this certificate to Linda Houle in recognition of your selfless volunteer efforts and subsequent nomination for the 1984 Governor's Volunteer of the Year Award. Congratulations. Signed by William J. Janklow, Governor; and Jerry A. Hauch, Director, Office of Volunteerism.'"


Charles Biebl writes:

"Not long ago I sent you an address of where readers may get free Braille Bibles. Here is their updated and correct address. Use it exactly, or your letter will be returned by the post office. Braille Bible Foundation, 4096 N. E. Sixth Avenue, P.O. Box 2 3579, Oakland Park, Florida 33307."


Joel Blake writes:

"Effective October 20, 1984, the following are the officers of the Northern New Jersey Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind: President, Ed Lewinson; Vice President, Edward Cook; Secretary, Joel Blake; and Board of Directors: Josephine Kirkland, Florence Blume, and James Sofka."


Jerry Drake, long-time Federationist from California, has been instrumental in securing an unusually large number of proclamations from city and county governments declaring National Federation of the Blind Week or Day or Month. In the National Office we recently received copies of these proclamations. It requires effort and energy to do this sort of work, but it also promotes public education and spreads the word about the National Federation of the Blind.


We have received the following announcement from Howe Press, Perkins School for the Blind, 175 North Beacon Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 02172: "The Howe Press is pleased to introduce the new concept of Braille-n-Print for education, business, or personal use.

"Braille embossed on a Perkins Brailler (Grade II) is translated by micro-computer technology to English print via a 'line printer' that is readable by a sighted person. The complete system consists of your Perkins Brailler, the Braille-n-Print translator, and a small computer type 'line printer' (BMC Brand-Model BX-80-Impact Dot Printer).

"In the shipping carton with the Braille-n-Print are sets of instructions in print, Braille, and on cassette. Sides A and B of the cassette introduce you to the Braille-n-Print concept and describes Braille-n-Print Made Easy, with the operating procedure for accurate print copy. Also in the carton is the modified bottom cover (includes extra screws) for the underside of your Perkins Brailler. Remove the bottom cover and replace with the new modified cover. You will note the modified cover provides an opening into the Brailler to permit the nine plungers on the Braillen-Print to be activated by the Perkins Brailler keys.

"Operating instructions for the 'impact dot printer' or 'line printer' are in the shipping carton and include print, Braille, and Side 'B' of the cassette that describes Braille-n-Print and Braille-n-Print Made Easy. Also, a 100 sheet package of 10-inch sprocket punched fan-fold paper.

"The rubber feet on the Perkins Brailler are important, as they fit into the 4 holes in the top cover of the Braille-n-Print and are an essential part of the alignment of the Perkins Brailler on the Braille-n-Print translator. Enclosed is a replacement set of rubber feet, if needed. (Use Pliobond or similar adhesive for rubber.) "Specifications: Price--The Braillen-Print and the 'Line Printer' (Impact dot printer) are available $1,150 F.O.B. Watertown; purchased separately the Braille-n-Print $875; purchased separately the Line Printer $325 plus handling charge; Perkins Brailler for immediate delivery $275. Dimensions: Braille-n-Print 14" L/R x 9 1/4" F/B x 2 1/4 " height--weight 6 pounds; Line Printer 15" L/R x 11 1/2" F/B x 5" height--weight 14 pounds; Power Supply: Braille-n-Print 110 volts; transformer to 9.5 volts; Line or Impact Dot Printer 110 volts."


The NFB of Mahoning Valley held elections November 2 5, 1984, with the following results: President, Thomas Anderson; Vice President, Mary Lou Cahill; Secretary, Gladys Cochran; Treasurer, Mary Ann Dravecky; and Board of Directors Dolly Andervich, Carmel Lancione, Katherine Goldman, Helen Tabak, and Jean Beechley. Betty Brown was re-appointed Chaplain for the organization. Louise Anderson was elected delegate to the 1985 state convention.

**Summer School Openings:

We have received the following announcement from the Montana Association for the Blind, which is our affiliate in Montana:

"Notice--The Montana Association for the Blind, Inc., is accepting applications for staff positions in its 1985 Summer Orientation Program for the Blind and Partially Sighted, which will be conducted on the Montana State University campus in Bozeman from July 8 to August 6. The following positions are to be filled: "Director--Qualifications: demonstrated administrative ability and experience in work with the blind and visually impaired, preferably adults; salary range: $1,300 and up, depending on experience, plus board and room. "Orientation and Mobility Instructors and Rehabilitation Teachers--Salary: starting at $850, depending on experience, plus board and room.

"Other Positions--hostess; instructors in typing, hand writing, shop and home maintenance, Braille, use of low vision aids, home economics, group discussion on coping, leathereraft, yarn crafts, etc. Salary: minimum wage, depending on experience, plus board and room. "For futher information and application forms for all of the above positions, contact the Montana Association for the Blind, Inc., Box 536, Kalispell, Montana 59903; phone 406-755-6913. Deadline for filing applications is March 1, 1985."

**Yes, Indeed!

The Braille Forum is the official publication of the American Council of the Blind. In its November, 1984, edition an article appears entitled, "Board of Publication Announces New Format for Ned Freeman Award for Writing Excellence." The article says in part: "The American Council of the Blind board of publications is pleased to announce a new format for the Ned E. Freeman Award for Writing Excellence in the Braille Forum . .The Ned Freeman Award was established by the board of publications in 1970. . .to encourage the tradition of writing excellence. . .No member of the board of publications or no staff member of the American Council of the Blind is eligible to enter this writing competition."