Braille Monitor                                                                  March 1985


Of Scholarships and Corrections

by Kenneth Jernigan

I have heard it said that making mistakes is good for the soul. Maybe so, but I remain unconvinced. However, I am a great deal more certain of something else. When a mistake has been made (especially by a publication), it should be corrected--quickly, prominently, and unequivocally.

In the Monitor for January, 1985, we carried an article on scholarships. One sentence of that article reads: "National Federation of the Blind Merit Scholarships. Twenty of these scholarships (four in the amount of $3,000; nine in the amount of $2,500; and eight in the amount of $500) will be given this year." The arithmetic is about as bad as some of the sentence structure I encounter, for nine plus four plus eight cannot be twenty. The sentence should have read: "National Federation of the Blind Merit Scholarships. Twenty-one of these scholarships (four in the amount of $3,000; nine in the amount of $2,500; and eight in the amount of $500) will be given this year."

Then, there is another matter. We reported that the Melva T. Owen Scholarship would be $1,500. This is incorrect. It will be $1,800. Moreover, Mr.Owen advised me of this fact several months before we went to press, and I simply let it get away from me. Finally, we are pleased to announce the recent addition of a scholarship to the National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program for 1985. The Robert Nelson Funk Memorial Scholarship has been endowed as a one-time-only scholarship by Mr. Robert C. Funk of Penfield, New York. Currently, this scholarship is endowed for $750, but additional funds may be added at a later date. This scholarship will be awarded along with our other scholarships at the 1985 national convention banquet. Students at either the undergraduate or graduate level are eligible, as are students in all areas of academic study. All students who apply for the scholarships announced in the January Monitor will be considered for the Robert Nelson Funk Memorial Scholarship.

Robert Nelson Funk was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army Infantry at the time of his death October, 1969, in Vietnam. Mr. Funk grew up in the Rochester, New York, area and earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Rochester in June, 1967. He was twenty-four years old when he died. This scholarship in his memory has been conceived and endowed by his father, Robert C. Funk. So these are the corrections, and this is the new scholarship. This means that we will be giving twenty-seven scholarships at the national convention this summer: one $6,000 scholarship, four $3,000 scholarships, twelve $2,500 scholarships, one $1,800 scholarship, one $750 scholarship (perhaps higher), and eight $500 scholarships.